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Happy Monday! Today is day one of the 2016 PeeWee football season!!! I love football season!! I am the equipment manager and Saturday was Gear Checkout day. Which went very smoothly, then today was overflow gear day like all first day of the season is and for the first time we got through the list of late arrivals today!!! For the first time ever we made it through the list on the first day of practice. Now, I know there are a few kids who are on vacation, and some who signed up today that didn’t make it there and will need to get fitted tomorrow or when they are back from vacation but for the most part they are caught up!  Thank goodness!!!!

dream big work hardOn Sunday this weekend the Hubs and I went to an autocross track and got to drive a Ferrari F430 around an autocross track! It was super fun!!!!

They also allow you to pay $30 to drive your own car around the track during their lunch break! So of course we took Pearl out, our Cadillac ATS-V, on the course. That was a blast too, ok I did squeal out of fear and worry about tires, brakes and crashing my o0wn car. But OH MY WORD, it was super fun! It makes me want to go out and buy a race car to wheel around the race track close to home on the weekends! The instructors at the track said they make you let them drive your car if you have a cool car. Apparently we have a cool car because they both drove my car! My car is pretty cool and it compared and drove very close the Ferrari! Have I said it was fun! It was well worth the hundred bucks that we spent on the experience. Actually, we have already decided we will need to do it again just so we can drive our car on the track again because we didn’t have the track video recorder in the car set on the correct setting when we took our laps! We will probably be doing it again sometime soon!

So there you have a little update from my weekend and this Monday. I am high on fun times driving fast this weekend and the first day of peewees a happy girl here. But have a lot to do so that’s all for now!