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This week was a busy week. Between trying to get settled in my new office and first week of football, it was crazy. A little bit too much going on but really in all honesty I thrive on that! My ADD brain loves to be busy and live in chaos! I am going to try to get better at writing everyday even if it’s short. To just write a lesson learned, or a fun exciting thing that happened, or something inspirational. That’s my challenge for myself to you, my readers.

Today we are going to the Mariners game. We are going to the game. The game that is going to honor the best, if not one of the best, baseball players ever. Ken Griffey Jr. His number will be retired today! I have always loved this guy. His drive, his focus, his determination is or was phenomenal. I only hope that a small percentage of all of “that” that he has my kids will have one day. He is also very humble about his career. He will tell you he was that good because of the work he put in, it was a huge sacrifice he made, with huge pay off. He made it look easy because of his hard work. I am sure it was far from easy. Success in any venue takes dedication, work, perseverance, sacrifice and most of all desire to be better, or even desire to be the best, along with, at least a shred of, talent. You cannot be that successfull or that good without all of those things then add to it an amazing support team, great teammates and some luck and you have a Hall of Fame career. I am pretty sure Hall of Famers don’t try to be in the Hall of Fame. They try to be the best they can be everyday. Every. Single. Day! It takes all of “that” and maybe even more. 

So I say to you, moms, dads, workers, husbands, wives, and athletes, what are you doing today to be great? It takes 100% everyday, even your off days. Even when you don’t feel good, or your wife is being a bitch, in order for you to be a Hall of fame husband, you have to be good even then. That’s what makes most of us not Hall of Famers, we make excuses of circumstances and blame others for our actions. But that is what we can do to change the outcome. Put in the work, everyday! Even when your team sucks, even when you hate your coach or hate your boss or the client you are working with is doing everything he can to torpedo your efforts. DO YOUR BEST. ALL. THE. TIME. 

Will you be voted in the Hall of Fame. Maybe not, there are 3 people who didn’t vote for Griffey Jr and he is the best ever! HOF is court of public  opinion, but are your efforts everyday getting you closer? You are in control of just that, your effort! Put in Hall of Fame effort it, may look easy but making things look easy…is the opposite of easy!