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goals-exciteI know I have been MIA! I apologize to those who like reading my posts and to my faithful followers. I am really working on getting into a routine to keep my blog up to date and keep inspiring and entertaining people. My goal is to inspire couples to have more sex and to be more connected and to stay together, support each other, and love each other more. It has been about a week and a half since I wrote. The Hubs was gone all last week, I conducted Drill Team tryouts and did the normal stuff I do every week. It was a good busy week. The boy’s football team had a bye this weekend but we all went to the afternoon games this week. It was fun to just watch football and not really be connected to a player. I mean I am connected too all our teams in our league but it was nice to be sort of neutral.

The hubs and I had some catching up on connecting this weekend since he was gone all week. We had a slight little argument when he got home. Not too shocking because we usually do. Whenever one of us leaves or comes back we usually go through a bit of re-connecting and getting back on the same page. It’s normal and usually doesn’t last long but it sucks. It’s from stress and we just take too long to recognize it until we are both arguing and then realize we are making the same argument and the one who lets their ego go first is the one who creates change and stops the argument. We went out for a few drinks had some hot tub time and then some alone adult time.

I really missed him. I have said this before he had some mad skills when it comes to oral sex. It makes me inspired to get better at blow jobs. I have books and have researched but really probably what I need is to practice. I know this sounds weird and maybe a little TMI but oh. my. word. my husband deserves it. When our sex life got really good is when he got really good at oral! So it is my goal and my task to myself to work on this and get better! I love the pleasure I get from him and I only hope I can return the favor. I am sure he is satisfied, I know he is but I just want to accomplish this so I can reciprocate better and more.

So this week’s goals are to get more organized and write more, give more blow jobs and really work on figuring out what he likes and what works for him. And getting in my workout!

So, what are your goals in life right now? We all have to be focused on what we want to accomplish and what we want to get better and sup[ort our selves and our family. If you know of something your partner is working towards, a goal they are trying to accomplish, support them. Notice them when they are trying and give feedback. Don’t pressure them and don’t criticize them when they are not doing the best at achieving the goal. Build them up, I guarantee they know what they are slipping on they need to know someone notices the good things that are working.