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It was a great week for our Pee Wee Football team finally got it’s first win. It was only week three but we only have 7 weeks and 6 games! Our boys the team that is together this year has been to the Championship the last time they were together. They have great talent just raw talent and teamwork, when they decide to use it! They have not worked as hard as they should yet this season so the coaches took matters into their own hands and kicked the boys asses during practice this week. They ran them in wind sprints and bear crawls and more sprints. They worked hard they were tough and those boys responded so well. You should have hear some of the parents “my son is big he can’t run like that” “do they know what they’re doing” “they don’t run that much during the game” “They need to work on their plays” My feeling is no, they need to toughen up and get in shape. The last few games the boys were gassed in the 4th quarter.

motivational-quotes-for-work-hardWell, this week’s game, our kids went out and won 19-0. They kicked ass. They did pretty much everything they were asked to do. They held their positions the backs hit their holes the line held their blocks. Defense wrapped up and held their tackles. They hit hard took the hard hit. The boy actually took a tough hit in open field unprotected it was epic. They called a buck wedge play (that might make sense to some of you) and he was the ball carrier he is one of the smallest kids but he is usually a blocking back so he only gets to carry the ball a few times a game. So I remember when they put this play in the playbook, they always said, “this might be your break out touchdown play or you will get stuffed” they are banking and hoping the defense bites on a fake. Well this game they kind of did, so the boy gets the ball circles around like he is supposed to then starts up field running full speed and BAM here comes the linebacker unblocked and just hashmarks the boy. (When we were in high school the players earned hashmarks the ticks to go on their helmets in order to get a hashmarks  you had to change the direction of the players body 90 degrees) basically dominating the opponent. Well the boy takes the hit and pops right back up. We were all worried but it was an epic hit one that you would replay like 50 times if you were at home watching a professional game. Anyway it was awesome. The boy still gained about 3-4 yards.

Bottom line our boys played like we know they should and better yet they got the win. These moments in youth sports is what it is all about. You can’t just get the great coaches, the good team and show up at a game. You have to work hard at practice, and at the games every single day. It takes 100% all of the time regardless of how tired you are or how much homework you have or anything else! In the moment you are working on your craft, be it your job, your sport, your art…you have to go hard, you have to give it your all. Becaue your excuses don’t matter. When you make excuses you are left with results you don’t want and your excuse and regrets! Excuses don’t win games, your opponent doesn’t care! if you want him to win keep it up. If you want to win and get the results you want stop making excuses and put in the work!