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Today we spent the day cleaning. I love when my husband helps to get the house cleaned and organized, but I also hate it when he does too. Most of the time, the Hubs and I clash on so many levels. He doesn’t understand why I can’t focus and I can’t understand what the heck he is doing and how the fuck I am supposed to do it his way!!! Today was a little different. We had a good day and little stress and no blow fight! Which is very surprising because we are oil and water when it comes to cleaning and organizing, but I am not complaining. I even got to watch my husband vacuum at the end of it! My bathroom that we have been remodeling is done and my bedroom is clean! We pulled everything out of drawers and reorganized everything. The Hubs even went through the gun safe and under the bed. I handled the stuff that got takend out of the medicine cabinet and the drawers of the new vanity. So everything is back in the bathroom area.

I also went through my night stand. It has two drawers in those drawers I found everything from old receipts from 1999 to sex toys. I also found index cards from Kinesiology class in massage school and yoga flash cards. There were a lot of books on a lot of subjects from sex to yoga to old Bible studies I did when my kids were babies. There was also a baby shoe and burp rag from the baby years. I loved going through all of it. There was also some costumes (If you can call the small pieces of fabric that) old creams and flavored lotions. Basically my whole sexual history in a nutshell was right there in front of me. Was pretty entertaining remembering where I came from. I was a very sheltered and prudish when The Hubs and I first got together. I have bought books about giving blow jobs, to anal sex and lotion products to go with it, and now here I am writing a blog about sex and relationship.

The Hubs and I have been through some rough spots but where we are now has really reassured me that we are doing at least some things right. We spend a lot of time together. Today we even cleaned together! We love having sex together. Maybe today we worked so well together because we started the day by having sex before we started cleaning! I don’t know if that was it or not that made the Hubs more patient with me than normal or maybe I was more focused than normal or we have been able to figure out jobs for me to do that I can do that works with my brain beter than we usually do. I think it was the sex. Maybe that’s a new ADD treatment that I need! Regardless, it worked.

Maybe what worked was one of my tasks was to go through my night stand and here is a sample of what I found in this pic! Maybe one reason I could focus was because this stuff is so interesting and fun to go through!