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​Happy Thanksgiving. We want to thank Toby and Fred, our two Turkeys who sacrificed all for our Thanksgiving dinner. Toby got to smoke in the Traeger, and Fred got cooked in the deep frier. Here are pictures of Toby and Fred post cooking. Thank you Toby and Fred. You both tasted yummy and created mouth watering, orgasmic like flavor in our mouths! To Toby and Fred, thank you!

Fred who was Deep Fried

Toby who was smoked in the Traeger

For real though, I am thankful for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Yesterday was a rough day. Today is a reminder that every moment in yesterday was yesterday. Today is a new day. Most bad days will end, and there will be a tomorrow. Worrying about tomorrow just ruins today. If today is bad, just remember there is always (not guaranteed, but most of the time) a tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new start, and promise of a new day. 

So, if yesterday was bad, LEAVE IT THERE!  If today is bad, take solace and find peace that tomorrow is a new day. When tomorrow becomes today we can throw away the toils of worrying, put tomorrow in the past and live today. We can leave behind the stress anger and negativity of yesterday, and enjoy this moment. Relish in the sun on your face or the rain washing your spirit clean. Rain or shine there is something to be thankful for in today! Live today, that’s all that matters and it’s all you can control!

Happy Thanksgiving readers, I am thankful for you coming to read my thoughts inspiration and encouragement. Love yourself and love your family. Take nothing for granted. Even the shittiness in a given day, there is no good reason to toil about yesterday or tomorrow. Today is a gift, Be thankful.