It all happens in a moment all at once in that moment just like a flash of lightning, it happens so fast you don’t realize what it is until you hear the crash in what seems like minutes later but it’s not and then you may smell the smoke. Right then and there the world changes.

Not really, the world still turns for normal people, life goes on as normal but that’s not how you feel. This event envelopes your soul you realize the perfection in front of you is not without imperfection.

WHAT DO YOU DO NOW? You relive that very moment over and over and over again. Trying to decide what you did wrong and what you can change or what YOU could have done different. But there is nothing, you were not in control. But you relive that moment and tell yourself you were wrong.

…but you were not wrong. This does not have to paralize you… But how? I do not know…