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Happy Hump Day!! I don’t know about you but I have had a long day! Not in a bad way but just long. I got to have lunch with the Hubs and watch the Girl perform. At some point today I had a feeling come over me, one that I have experienced for a while off and on, and that is that I have no idea if I am doing ok or not. I have been a bit cranky this afternoon and feeling a bit inadequate…which is making it tough to write this blog today!

touch sex

Today is Hump Day and last week I made the decision to writing and to start it would be a Hump Day Challenge at least once a week. So, here I am trying to write a hump day challenge be inspiring and sexy. So here goes…

Just FUCK! Tonight go to bed and have sex with your lover. If you have to do it just because I said so. It is Hump Day after all! Sometimes the best feelings come from just having sex. First the power of being naked is overwhelming. Skin to skin contact affects the brain and your hormone levels. Just rub his back as he lays there. Feel with your hands the curves and bumps and crevices. Cup his ass in your hand feel her breasts as your rub from her shoulder down her chest to her smooth belly. As the skin to skin contact arouses you, move in closer. Wrap your arms around each other and feel your whole bodies touch every inch of your body touch.

Use your fingers, your hands, even your feet to feel your partners body. Then climb on him and ride his big cock, men hold her hips and watch her as she rocks back and forth. Then lean down on him and let your breasts rub against his chest. Feel how his chest hair tickles your nipples just right. Allow your sense of touch to open up and feel. Stop thinking and just feel!

Don’t wait for your partner to tell your they want to have sex, don’t expect them to ask if you want to or even tell you to. Just touch him. Touch her softly move in for the kiss as you feel how good it feels to touch, do more! Until you are fucking!

Enjoy your touch let it lead to sex! Go soft, slow and accept what happens. Don’t expect your lover to do anything in return give them pleasure and take pleasure in that. (I bet she will enjoy returning the pleasure, but do not expect it! Love on her as she loves on you and then you both will have a great love experience!