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FUCK!!! It’s Wednesday and it’s almost over and I forgot to post a hump day challenge!

Quickly, today challenge brought to you by sitting in a car dealership all day! Fuck in a car! This is harder than it sounds especially since cars of today are not like those in the 50’s. The back seat of that ’57 Chevy was much more conducive to fucking than that of today’s BMW 5 series…but minivans, that’s another story… You go soccer mom!

But get creative, go in the back seat, ride him on the passenger seat, fold down the back seats and don’t in the trunk. Get the gear shifter out of the way and pull out his big stick!

Find a place that is secluded to park with a view of the city take a moment to enjoy the view but even if it’s right when you pull in the driveway before you go inside…it’s hot to have sex in a car! Especially with the idea or the risk of getting caught…just don’t get caught!

No driving while giving it getting head, it’s dangerous! But you are adults now you can fuck him wherever it feels good! Enjoy the view and get it on in the car!