Awe man, another day got away from me! I promised a Hump Day Challenge a day late so here we go. After dinner, find your lover in the middle of something and steal them away for a quickie. Maybe she is washing the dishes and you grab her around the waste and drag her into bathroom. Or your Man is out in his shop tinkering and you go back “help” but he knows you don’t know a wrench from a screwdriver except. You tell him to screw you and he is okay with that. The kids gone to finish homework or play in their rooms after dinner so you have a minute to go at it right there. Make it quick so you don’t get caught and lock the door! Maybe it’s in a closet or the corner of the yard where no one can see you but make it quick and make it sexy.

Talk dirty, whisper dirty so no one hears you. Don’t even take all your clothes off. When you come out the rest of the family will not know what happened but they will know it was a good thing. It’s a great way to adjust her attitude for doing dishes, she may want to do the like that every day. Have fun be relaxed and enjoy the quickie!