Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!! It is a bit of a tradition that we go out on the night before Thanksgiving. It has been over the years, kind of a high school reunion. We go out and see a bunch of friends who came back for the Holiday. However, as we get older that has kind of stopped happening as much. We all have kids now and net everyone is comfortable leaving their kids and going out to the bar.

Today’s hump day challenge is about giving thanks! Be thankful for your lover and thankful for your sex. Appreciate them by giving them what they like. If he is an anal sex guy lube up and give it to him. If she likes to have her pussy licked lick her pussy! Be thankful for them and thank them by giving them what they like!

Fuck the hell out of your lover. Make sure your lube is by the bed and you are mentally prepared.

Relax, have fun and fuck each other’s brains out!