I feel I need to live this quote. A work in progress is okay. The Hubs reminds me everyday that he loves me a lot and thinks the world of me. Even when he is “helping me improve” by telling me what needs work and I feel like he hates me. He is just giving suggestions or, sometimes, complaining and I take it personally. How can I have so many flaws and be a masterpiece? How does he love me as much as he says when he points out things I need to fix. I need to meditate on this quote and let it settle in!

Today was a bummed out Friday. It just started rough. The Hubs and I missed a day 😞 But we’re still even for the year for number of days. I was just in a funk. I didn’t hear my alarm to go workout then the day just kind of tumbled. I was able to get some “Washing Clothes” done. Tonight will be family night and I think I’m gonna pull out the sex games from under the bed to spice it up tonight and make up for yesterday with the Hubs! Gotta recover the day some how.

I had a massage today, it was one of those that just shake you out of your funk. It was a pregnancy massage. I just love working on pregnant Momma’s! There is something about the energy of a pregnant lady! I was much appreciative to have her and her baby belly on my table! So much excitement anticipation and fresh young energy even though the client was my age still it was great!

It kind of recharged me, gave me a little positive energy to take forward in my day. I got all of my “washing clothes” work done after that. I just can’t do house work in a bad mood or in a funk. I know I should power through and I know it would help but, just can’t. Even just after just finishing the dishes I felt much better. I have a pile of boxes to collapse down (some still from Christmas SHUSH, Don’t judge!).

I feel like I want to have a great Pearl of wisdom here today but I don’t. A positive is I am getting writing done before 10pm (it’s 7:30) and I am here again today. My goals still in view. I need to remind myself a work in progress even slow progress is still work and is still progress. Grace for me again today, thanks self!

…and did I mention tomorrow is the Boy’s birthday and I haven’t done anything! He and the Hubs are at the store buying ingredients for his birthday cake and favorite meal (Mac N Cheese) right now…

Perfectly Imperfect is a phrase I have used to describe cakes I’ve made in the past so that’s what I am going to embrace as my motto.