Today is the Boy’s Birthday!!!! He is deciding to stay up until he is “officially” 12…which means 11:56 pm. He came into the world fast! Water broke at 11:27 he was born at 11:56 on a Friday the 13th! Today the girl had a dance competition so they Boy and The Hubs went to dinner with Grandma to celebrate, but waited for us to get home for cake.

He had cheese cake, his request, from last night they were at the grocery store picking up dinner ingredients, he decided he would rather get a store bought cake, than have me make one. He probably was worried I would not have had time to bake a cake by tonight anyway, he would have been right. He said I can bake a cake for his party day! I felt a little sad he didn’t want a cake made by me, but I know he was either looking out for me knowing I didn’t have time or this was him guaranteeing there would be a birthday cake there for him. At least he is learning that in life you make decisions of what you want regardless of if it will hurt your mom’s feelings.

I guess it didn’t hurt my feelings just my ego a little. I love making the kids birthday cakes. It is very time consuming, which time is something I don’t have much of lately. I love that the boy is flexible and not so demanding. For him, cake is cake and spending time with the family and having fun eating cake is what he wants. He’s a good kid! I love his heart and his personality. Here’s to hoping I don’t damage him too much more in the next 6 years and he stays awesome! Happy Birthday Boy, love you!