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Speak out against what is wrong speak up for what is right! Stop the hate! Put more energy into saving what we love than fighting what we hate! I’m not saying don’t fight against what’s wrong, not in any way. I am just saying in order to encourage love and all that is good let’s focus our energy there!

So much negativity is going around right now. Some is for good reason fighting for what is right and just but what I want to see and hear is people saying what is good amd right not only what is wrong! I want more attention put on people doing good things and less on those doing bad, even if their reasoning may be in the right place. A right platform, in my opinion, does not justify bad behavior.

Like Dr King, I believe we should be judged by the content of our character, not by the color of our skin, where we live, where we were born, how much money we have or can make, who we love, where or even if we worship, what sex we are or claim, what kind of car we drive, how fast we are going or by how many mistakes vs good we have done.

What I am saying is that in this moment you are the content of your character not any of those other things but at the same time all of those other things decisions you’ve made mistakes and accomplishments as a whole. One word, one phrase is not what defines you, it is the body of work. What kind of body of work are you putting out there? All of it, all the time even when no one is looking.

Today Dr King’s family asked for us to in remembrance of him that we serve one another. Many communities hosted programs to serve less fortunate in their community. I served my family, which is one thing I am focusing on this year in Sex Love and Washing Clothes. I have been feeling depressed lately. Everything everyday has been a bit of a struggle, not so much that it has consumed me but enough to make everyday a struggle. I worked through today by just doing one project at a time. I felt very unproductive however made a pretty good dent in my work. My family thanked me for it. Especially the hubs when he got some sexy pictures from me. It made me happy to make him smile, then he brought me flowers

Sometimes we think we have to do something great big, like March on Washington, but the small efforts in your family and community and towns and cities make a huge dent.

If we spend more time defending and saving what we love and less time fighting about what we hate what would our world look like? Think on that.