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Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday! It was a good fairly productive for me in the Earl household! I had some personal appointments this morning AND got some work done in between which is a big deal for me! I struggle with small tasks in between other things. For me I have to focus on one thing to accomplish and, if I don’t think I have enough time or will get distracted or if it won’t get done in time, I usually choose to skip the task until I can focus on only that one thing.

Today I decided to just get it done. I get overwhelmed easily and have a hard time breaking down what needs to be done and how to accomplish the goal and have a hard time with time management. It’s because of ADD. You see, people with ADD, their frontal cortex (part of the brain that organized tasks) does not function the way people without ADD does. We struggle breaking down simple tasks, prioritizing things into a list based on importance and struggle with time management. So for me to get shit done in between two different appointments in two different places, for me is a big deal. High five to myself!

How are you doing on your goals this year? Here is an update on some of mine:

I also, today, got in a good run (slow, but still good). I got in 4+ miles for a total of 7+ on the month. I have a goal of 50 miles this month…if I am going to accomplish that I need to get my ass running every day! I have made it to the gym only once a week so far got to get more committed there to hit the twice a week mark.

Sex everyday has been going well. We haven’t done it every single day but have made up for missed days with a couple 2 a days right now we are a day behind, we will get there I’m not worried. Just looking forward to a day we can have a two a day.

Washing Clothes: I have done a load of laundry every day. Today I started the Hubs’ work pants in the laundry without him even having to tell me he has no pants to wear tomorrow (he has a stack of clean and folded pants in his closet) and now all the laundry hampers are not even close to over flowing!

Also, Couch cushions got readjusted and fluffed to look neater yesterday. The house got vacuumed, dishes caught up by the time the kids went to bed! It feels good to have that accomplished and check things off the list everyday.

What kind of sucks is my work schedule has been way slow, possibly reasons why I have had so much time to get housework done. I am working toward being on top of things around the house and carrying that on when business picks up. Small steps forward everyday! But I want more work to help with the family finances…

Dry January… still dry and for the Hubs too! Yay us!

I’m working on motivation to get it all done workout, clean, sex everyday and follow through with all of my Goals! And get more business! Maybe should have made business goals for 2018….

How’s everyone else doing?