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This is going to be quick. Today I had a great conversation with a friend of mine in business. He has always encouraged me to go big and dream big about my business. So tomorrow I am meeting with a potential work/referral partner. What I have to figure out now is what do I want and what are my work goals?

In my work I want to grow a business. I’d like to mentor other massage therapist and maybe even mom’s to being successful in private practice. But I have to be successful in private practice first! I am confident I can be, especially worth this potential referral partner. Now, I have to comitt to the work!

I am committed to making this work to show my kids you CAN make your own way. To help my family be financially successful and take a little pressure off the Hubs and to prove to me. 2018 is the year of Risk. Here goes taking a leap of faith and taking on this “risk” and committing to it for the WHOLE year. It may mean the kids having to walk themselves home and getting help getting the girl to dance and other logistical things. I need to prove to myself that I can. I am ready to take on this challenge! Here we go!