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I really want a drink right now. The Hubs decided to do dry January with me, which is really great but he doesn’t want to go anywhere because of it. I miss socializing, and I still want a drink. I don’t really know why. I’m drinking my soda water with Thieves and Lemon Vitality Young Living essential oils but my craving is not going away!

I have lost 5 pounds this month, that’s nice and I don’t want to sabotage that so it keeps me from pouring vodka in my glass, the thought that dry January is helping my weight loss efforts.

In the past I have allowed myself to indulge in a drink at Seahawks games and every year I have done dry January (lasted the longer 2015 when we went to the Superbowl). This year we weren’t even in the play offs so I didn’t get that break. I’ve considered just having a day maybe one day on a weekend that I can “cheat” but I didn’t start until January 10th it’s only been a bout 10 days…do I have a problem? Oh no!

Well, pass me the sparkling water in a wine glass please a fancy pretty comfy wine glass and put on a good movie. The Hubs and I have two a days to do and sober movies to watch!

Keep focused on those goals folks … Superbowl will be here soon, two more weekends…we can do it!