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Busy day today! Cleaning and purging and reorganizing is a busy job! We worked at the clubhouse where we volunteer, it made me want to come home and do more. It is a goal of mine to purge my clutter in my house. Upstairs we have over 1000 square feet that is filled with 17 years of over flow and empty boxes from items we thought we should save etc. I just need to start taking the extra afternoons here and there and go through stuff.

We also, today, gave the boy his birthday present, he got an Xbox. Well, we got a new XboxOne S for the family room and the boy got to have the one we had. It goes in our living room so he can play when everyone else might be watching TV. But that is also the space that is shared with my office so he doesn’t have 100% free range all the time, but he’s super excited to have his own! He and Daddy can play games against each other and have the whole screen to themselves.

All in all, it was a good Saturday. The Girl got to go to a Birthday party and I got started on a project in my office on the dividers I am customizing. It has not gone super smoothly but progress is just that, right?

Since the Hubs got to set up the new XboxOne S he reset the TV and Surround Sound to work “cooler” so we have to check out a BlueRay, what do we pick? Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back.

Movie time friends enjoy your weekend