Shit, forgot to write earlier. I’m working on it people…the whole getting it done earlier, being faster when I write and being meaningful as well.

Today was a sad day, no Seahawks football and the second to last football game of the year 😦 it’s Championship Sunday, the NFC and AFC crowned their champs and who will represent them in the Superbowl… The team I wanted to win didn’t win, hell, they weren’t even there.

The Hubs and I continue with Dry January. I am about to abandon it because well, I like drinking with the Hubs and he doesn’t like going out if we aren’t drinking and I miss the time away and the connection we get by being away and date nights! He doesn’t want to go to a bar and not drink alcohol, he thinks it’s rude to the bar owners. However, where the hell are you going to go on a date at 9:00 on a Tuesday (or really any day we live in a small town not much to do here) if you’re not going to a bar? A 24 hour gym is about all we got but even that is not as much fun. We don’t match fitness levels at all. And we live in Fucking Western Washington where it fucking rains all the time! Yes, it makes it beautiful and green, but for walks along the water or outside around the block even is a no go in wind and rain. I miss date nights we have got to figure out a new way!!! I want our time back!

We did play Mario Brothers with the kids this evening that was fun! We have had a lot of family time this year, it’s been great! We did have our family dinner at the table so that’s a win on the weekly schedule there! Still need a few two a days to get back to square on that everyday goal, but I know that won’t be tough to get. My alarm is set for 4:40am so I can make it to the 5:30 Spin class. Fitness goals are on track (except for the running 50 miles in January…we’ll see how many I can get in)

Keep those goals in sight and hurry up SuperBowl, get here so I can have a drink and go out with the Hubs again! I miss our selfies, our fun talks, connection, karaoke and dancing… And just straight fun with the Hubs.