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birthday partyHappy Friday!!!! It really was nice to be back to a normal schedule today! I had 3 massages, then had to get the house and cake ready because today/tonight is The Boy’s birthday party! We have 8 boys here for a sleepover. They came over around 6 and will be here until 10am! In all actuality it has not been that bad. The Boy has some really good friends. Most of them have had The Hubs for a Coach and sometimes I think that helps in the respect factor but really these kids are just good kids with good parents who care so it shows in their kids.

Today I made a Basketball court Cake. It is nice but there are a few details that needed more attention. I have toyed with the idea of going pro with my cake biz but cakes like today tell me I am not goo enough to charge for my cakes. However, the entrepreneur in me says if I was pro I would take more time and the issue of being short supplied would not be one because I would make sure I had enough in every color and I would be making cakes more often so I would be able to make fondant for example, in bulk so that I don’t have to just make a whole batch just to have a small amount for one project I, in theory would have a regular amount of buttercream and fondant so that I could just decorate and not worrying about how the supply is.

I have a confession, I am super sleepy right now. The sleepover is going well. the Boys are watching Waterboy right now, The Girl and her friend (I always let the siblings invite a friend over when the other is having a party) are in The Girls room, The Hubs is playing Forza (a video game) and I am sitting in the corner of the couch falling asleep as I type. So just know today was a good day for me to reset I make a cute cake (far from perfect) had 3 great massages, even made it to Spin (RPM) class today, it was great.