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Happy Tuesday Date Night!!! I have missed date nights. Since being on Dry January the Hubs has not wanted to do date night because our date nights usually consist of going to a bar. He is not into going to a bar and not drinking. So tonight we planned a sober date night! We only have 2 more Dry January days but, still…

We are off to Castles Megastore for more Lube to start off the night. They are open until 10pm so we can make it there after practices.

Then we are going to see Greatest Showman. Some go out for dinner and a movie, we go get lube and a movie…Trial reviews coming, we bought 3 different lubes to try and some other sample thingy. It was some sort of stimulation cream, ‘Plump’ for him and something you put on your G-Spot for me. More details in a review to come later…

Back to date night, no more phones tonight!