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I forgot I haven’t posted yet, so it seems irrelevant but here is Sunday’s post… Unedited too…

Happy Superbowl Day! I am at a dance convention worth the Gurl there has been the same dance studio drama for the last few years and nothing changes. I am frustrated because I said at this time last year that I would go through this again. I had meeting with teachers and studio owners only for the same dance drama to happen again with no changes, actually something’s have gotten worse. If we left the studio last year for a new one we would be settled and established at a new location right now I feel stuck my girl went from being excited about this dance weekend saying, “maybe I will come back next year”, to “this is probably my last year here.” It sucks when you pay for a service and are let down by the said service providers. I really want them to come through but lack of professionalism and disregard for what we as “customers” are paying for is disappointing to say the least. Obviously there are a lot of emotions and subjectivity involved because it involves our children, but flat out lies and disregard for structure is what is so frustrating! Anyway, I don’t want my daughter to lose her love for dance because the people who are supposed to be guiding her are more concerned with their own lives than they are with their business, this is a business trip for them (and the dancers and their families), they seem to be treating it like a vacation.

Anyway today is the happiest day of the year!!!! It is Superbowl!!! I just have to say The Patriots are so fucking good. Annoyingly good! I have always hated the Patriots! The one time I had then in the Superbowl for a win is when they fucking lost! I hate how Tom Brady got the spot from Drew Bledsoe the year Drew was injured and I have hated him ever since. However, I can’t deny how good they have been! I won’t say best of all time because I can’t! I don’t think Tom Brady is Better than Peyton Manning I don’t even want to hear the number of rings argument. How many does Dan Marino have? He is still a Hall of Fame QB but I’m a hater!

I’m going to End this with #GoHawks I am Seahawks fan to the core.