It’s the Hubs’ birthday!!! We had steak and I bought a cheesecake! Yes, this Ruby, bought a cheesecake. I went to our fave restaurant in town and picked up a full cheesecake. I’m really struggling with this whole working mom thing especially with balance. I miss having time to bake and decorate a cake for the hubs on his birthday!

Today I met with two lovely ladies who are owners of a gum exoandi g in my neighborhood. They are looking for a massage therapist to partner with them and rent space in their new location. I think they are great people. I love the idea of their vibe. I love the idea of working with other health minded wellness focused people. I think working in their gym would be a good thing for my fitness and wellness. I have struggled with depression lately. Getting out if the house and working with people might be helpful. Can I balance work and home life without working from home. Could I do