Hello fans,

I’m kind of embarrassed that it has been so long! October is seriously that last time I wrote? Well, honestly there may have been a few others except I forgot to finish or post them. I miss writing everyday but there are only so many hours in a day! We are what 7 weeks or so into this, what I call quaratine, but it’s officially the “stay home stay safe” order. What the fuck ever! It’s fucking quarantine and it fucking sucks! I miss people. I have been trying to stay sane by posting on my real life Facebook page and have started a side hustle since my office is closed down. What I should have done is started getting into how to make money on my blog! Or just started blogging again! Writing is so freeing and relaxing and talking about sex makes me horny and being Ruby is an amazing escape from reality. Regardless I haven’t written but here I am tonight, a Tuesday night which used to be fucking date night but it’s turned into “what the fuck is today?” Tonight, we are watching drunk history (hilarious I highly recommend watching this show) and this has made me remember how I was so free when I was first starting in 2015. Before I went back to work and was worried about my reputation. Now, I technically don’t have work to go back to at the moment so, fuck it!

Anyway, I want to be serious for a moment. I am concerned about our mental health. I am going fucking crazy! I’m running everyday still, since July I have lost around 50 pounds due to my running and low carbing. During quarantine I have done a race a week I am super inspired when I’m running but when I’m not running…it’s been rough. I have had a short temper, been emotional and everything affects me so much my feeling s are fucking OUT OF CONTROL! Everything makes me feel so much! More than usual, it took me 5 weeks or so to realize part of it might be because I’m not working and getting connection to people the way I am used to, I am not seeing a lot of my friends. We have stayed connected to two of our friends which has saved our lives (at least mine, I need connections). I’m not going to get into political debates about if we should or should not be in quaratine and for how long. What I am saying is I am concerned about our collective mental health. Self care is important and many of us have realized that our choice self care activities are not what the government has deemed “non-essential” examples are gym time, yoga, movie night, dancing with our friends, singing karaoke and having drinks on a Friday night…

This is a problem! But I’m not going to spend this blog post complaining or getting high on my soap box. I’m going to spend this blog saying I miss blogging! I miss writing and cussing a lot in my writing, I also miss writing about sex and fucking everyday! In 2015 we started this #everday2015 it’s 2020 let be who we are stop trying to impress stop working so hard for people to like you, stop trying to censor yourself. Be who you are, love that person and find people who love that person and spend time with them! Well once Quarantine is over find those people spend time with those people and love them.

In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying your family and enjoying your lover! How many times in one day have you had sex? What is your max? I want to say we are upwards of 5 or so for one particular day/24 hours span. Yes I want you to take that as a challenge! I think that may have been the weekend the Hubs and I had a turning point where we went from almost killing each other every other to being able to live together in quarantine without fighting over everything and fighting so hard that we said horrible things. We have since that amazing sex weekend, slowed down, understood each other more, listened to eachbother more judged each other less and life has been a little easier. All because of sex. Good sex makes life more tolerable! That is what we learned in 2015 do you remember that? I do! So go have good sex with each other and let’s get through this quarantine! We all have feelings and emotions and they are all OK! It’s okay to not be okay and it’s okay to have sex even when we’re not okay! It’s a good emotional release! Be kind to each other. Give your lover the things they like. Spend a little extra time making them feel good they will return the favor and your relationship will thrice for it! Also, turn your mind off during sex! I promise you can! Figure it out and that is the most freeing thing int he world.

Keep having sex everyday, multiple times a day! Because what else can you do? Just go fuck!