I am Ruby Earl, at least that is my “Pen Name” I am using a pen name because for some reason I am worried that the nature of my blog may come with backlash and I don’t want my kids to be too embarrassed or judged by other kids or parents and I want deniability. So like many bloggers and writers have been doing forever I am using a Pen Name. Which is kind of cool I think. I started my Blog on the Blogger site but have been notified that Blogger is no longer going to allow certain types of sexual content on their site. Banned types of content will be removed by the end of March so I figured that is my cue to leave or be censored. So I moved to WordPress. I wanted to start out blogging on WordPress but read and figured out Blogger was much easier for the beginner like me. I am overwhelmed and daunted. I no nothing about writing code or any other terms used in blogging or website management. I did manage to purchase a domain name and privacy protected my blog. I am hoping to use this site as best as I can and maintain the fun I had on Blogger.

A little about who I am. I am married to my high school sweetheart.  We have been together for 18 years married 14 we have 2 kids a girl 10 and a boy 8.  I have ADD and my husband is OCD (diagnosed by me).  We are the epitome of opposites attract but after a while and growing up from 16/17 year olds when we met to 34/35 years old now, we have definitely figured out what the blurred line of Love/Hate really is.  I never understood it until recently. I am a slight feminist, not in the burning my bra kind, I’m the girls can do as much as boys type (although there are limits on that as well but lets not get into that).  I love staying at home with my kids but I also love working and having an impact on the world. Sometimes, as a mom, I feel like my being in this world in underused by just being a stay at home mom.  Which is what this blog is about.  The term “just a mom” is another soap box but let’s stick to the topic.  Sex Love and Washing Clothes!

I hope you enjoy my blog please feel free to comment on my blog but please do not judge. If you think the information I am sharing is too personal and don’t like it then you have the right to unfollow and not read it. I will be posting about my dediciation to Sex Love and Washing Clothes everyday in 2015!

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