XXX-Steak and BJ Day!


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steak and bj dayToday is the perfect day to get back here to start Hump Day Challenges again. Maybe tomorrow I will post a life update so you all can know where I’ve been and what I am thinking. But today is National Steak and Blow Job Day. Which basically was a male joke gone viral but hey, this is Sex Love and Washing clothes and it’s Wednesday and my sexual creativity lately has been lacking so here we go! Apparently some guys are all bitter over spending money for Valentines Day a month ago so they created this cute ‘holiday’. Ok, I’m down, I’ll play!

Today’s Hump Day Challenge is a Blow Job or Cunnilingus for the ladies. There is no slang for Cunnilingus for the ladies when I hear Blow Job however I think of Cunnilingus as the a blow job too, it is a female version. However I don’t think of cunnilingus as as much of a job as Fellatio… anyway digression! Women can get Blow Jobs too!

Give your lover oral sex! For the sake of this hump day challenge Steak is optional but who wants to miss out on a reason to have steak? Lick, suck and slobber your way to your partners orgasm! Then lay back and allow him to return the favor! Some like raunchy loud and slurpy the louder the dirtier the better. Yet others like to be quiet and pretty but I don’t care just do it and enjoy it! Relax and have fun giving your lover pleasure. Remember this is not just to the Male aspect of Blow Jobs it is to both partners. I am already excited for this one! Go get you some!


Where’d You Go?


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I just received a question if I really decided to quit blogging. I have not. I have considered it. I miss blogging everyday and being free to write about anything I want. I still am free to write about anything but I have placed judgements on myself lately and that has made me censor myself. I don’t like that. I don’t want to censor myself. I love my writing to be open and honest and real. But lately I have censored myself and I hate that I need to relax and just fucking write my feelings, thoughts and encouragement.

To my readers who have been wanting to hear from me, apologies. I will be back. I want to be back better than ever! I am having self esteem issues. I am being super judgemental of my everything. My inner prude is coming out again with my conservative parenting. What happened to my “Fuck It” attitude?

Maybe now I just have too much to lose? Stop fucking judging yourself Ruby!

Maybe if I win the HGTV Dream house tomorrow and don’t need an income it will come back sooner. Maybe if I can learn how to make some money blogging or writing, then I can make it my second job and put in the energy I really should in order to have a successful blog!

Anyway that’s the update in my this here Ruby Earl! I am still here, I have not left you. Just needed some time to rethink and reset…


The Boy Sex Talk

lets talk sexThe boy got a call home from school today. For talking loudly about blow jobs in class! Yes, my 12 year old was talking loudly in a group about blow jobs in class while he and everyone he was talking to we’re supposed to be working on their writing assessments… Which happens to be 80% of his grade! As a mom I am mortified! I am embarrassed! I am pissed that my son doesn’t even know how to hold this conversation in until lunch it keep it quiet! He has had problems with disrespect lately! He has always had a hard time knowing when things are appropriate but I would think by now he would have figured that out!

I have never talked sex with my son. The Hubs said he has been handling the birds and the bees talk… The teacher asked me to have a conversation with him so that he gets the information from a stable knowledgeable adult not another tween friend! OMG I am not ready for this! He was talking about blow jobs what the fuck am supposed to say to my 12 year old about blow jobs. My parents did not talk to me about sex at all. When I was the girls age I still didn’t know what a blow job was! They boy hasn’t even started puberty! I don’t know what the Hubs has said to him. So I am not sure what to do. Which is why I am writing now…to think it through.

My thought is I will have him read me the email that his teacher sent to me first. (The Hubs’ idea, he has great parenting instincts sometimes) That way he can’t skirt around the issue and then that would lead me down a path of honesty and “don’t lie to me” conversation and that will distract from the real issue. I will address the appropriateness of this conversation during class time and in public. I will address the volume of his voice and his cavalier attitude and flat out disrespect for the privacy of this subject.

Then I will open it up for questions that he may have. Then We will talk about sex what I think about sex and his age. How to respect women around the subject of sex. I was dumped by a boy that I would not have sex with when I was in 8th grade! I am too young to be a grandma and that will also come up in the conversation!

Lastly we will talk about respect in general. He is going to have to write me a paper about respect. What respect is. What respect means. What respect looks like. As a parent it is my goal to get my kids to respect me, authority figures, women, and rules. It is not my job to get him to like me. My goal is to teach him what respect is by showing him. He sees the Hubs and I argue a lot. We have made some mistakes in the way we are showing respect.

There are many ways to show respect. Respect your things by taking care of them. Respecting people by being nice, helping when help is needed without complaining etc… respect rules by following them. Respect women by not pushing your sexual self on them. Allowing women to have space and say in any sexual situation even if she changes her mind in the middle of it. Show respect by saying Thank you even when you are given something you didn’t want. Show respect by not talking back to someone. Using soft start ups when you bring up subjects that may be negative or complaints….

There is a lot to this tonight. I have just over an hour as he has a basket ball game tonight that I have to get him to. It needs to be address directly and respectfully. I want to go a little old school and say what my parents said “No sex until your married! DON’T GET AIDS!”  Actually that’s what the church said I added the don’t get AIDS part in my head, I really had not guidance when it came to sex and now sex is awkward to me. It’s getting more awkward now that I have kids I have to talk about sex to! I want to cry! This is too much! God must really think I am a bad ass because he only gives you what you can handle right??? I’m not ready for this. Then I am reminded where I ended up with the way I was brought up and the way the Hubs ended up the way he was brought up. Neither one of our parents talked to us about sex except to say don’t do it. We both have issues on the opposite end of the spectrum me sort of negative and prudish and the Hubs sort of Free for all freakish in his appetite and desires and expectations. We are working to get our sex drives and lives to match up, if only we could talk about sex easier it would be better. Hey maybe this will open up my closed off prudish part of me with the Hubs too….

And just like that I go to OMG I write a blog about Sex Love and Washing Clothes I have not been the best model of what a healthy sex life is not that he can read this my blog is protect 18 and over, I better check that and no one knows my real name….. I did not cause this but if there is misinformation that my son has about sex and what is okay and what is not it’s because I have not taken the time to parent him enough. It’s time to step it up Ruby! Be Bold, be honest, be loving and open and talk with your boy!


p.s. I am considering giving up this blog until they greaduate high school it’s starting to feel weird and I”m wondering if I should censor myself. What happens if they know their mom has a sometimes xrated blog. I know this is judging and it’s separate but…what if….

Feel Good


Happy Titties Tuesday! It is carpet cleaning day at my house! I am not even wearing a titties shirt today but every Tuesday is Titties Tuesday, right? It is for me especially when you are packing around these DDDs…..

Anyway, getting the carpets cleaned today has made me realize that there is a lot of random clutter than needs to be gone through in this house. The house is pretty well put together and organized but small pieces of clutter have piled up around the edges and what great opportunity to get it out of here before putting it back after the carpets are clean!

Today I have spent some time marketing. I did my first Facebook live video! I think I had two viewers which I am okay with since I am super new and not super comfortable with everything yet. It was good. I applied my new makeup told why I was doing this side business and plugged my massage business. I enjoyed the live video. I just talked like there was someone right there next to me watching me put on my make up! A little tutorial while I was doing it as well. It was fun. Next time will be better, I just have to decide how often to do that. The marketing world is moving to video, so it’s time to get comfortable in front of the camera. Now, I just have to figure out how to incorporate video more in my massage business as well.

What are you doing for Titties Tuesday? We are doing a family night movie tonight and then after the movie and bed time for the kids, The Hubs and I will have to make a Titties Tuesday event! Maybe we can go out to our favorite Brewery and grab their Special Brew with Chocolate pairing before they run out. This will be our first date night since Dry January and I have to say, I am looking forward to it. I am hoping for less drama and relaxation from the Hubs.

In general, I am trying to get comfortable with my current existence right now. Massage is super slow so I am trying embracing the homemaker side. (Like getting the carpets cleaned and decluttering.) I was going to bake today but decided to clean up the kitchen first, then realized I didn’t have time to before I have to go get the Girl at school. I have been trying to honor myself and giving myself space to feel my emotions and figure out what it is that I want to do with me. Do I want to be business woman me and run a Private Practice or do I want to run this house. The business needs more attention from me if I am going to do that. I am not good at being a home maker.

Maybe this side business deal is what will work, however I am not a good sales person! I promote women feeling better and self care not a make up product, or any product, same thing with Essential Oils. I love to introduce things to women that might help their lives be healthier or prettier or make them feel better but to close that sale…that’s not me. I just want to make women feel better, have more confidence, love themselves better and in turn love their families better!

That is why I started this blog! The Hubs is right, for me it’s all about Feels. Fortunately, I have a husband who has a job that affords e eh opportunity that I can do that, have a job where I focus on the feels and don’t have to focus on the money. But money would help how can I get a well paying job and worry about the feels and not the logistics of money, sales and recruiting clients?….I will continue doing what I am doing right now, because today for the first time in a long time it feels right today.


Marketing Monday


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Today was a day of marketing! I am struggling in my business. Right now it is slow. I need more business. I don’t need a “full time” schedule but I need more than I am getting.

I am trying a new thing. I am offering a class that I have wanted to offer for a long time! It’s a couples massage class! Well, I have reserved the space and need to fill the room now so it’s time to get the marketing going and fill the class!

I also picked up another side business I am figuring out how to market that. Mostly because I want discounts in the products, I’m cheap!

It’s been a creative marketing Monday! So not too exciting here. I just need to figure out how to make money with this blog, get organized and write better, maybe I would be onto something! Anyway, it’s been a long day, hopefully you will get some content from me one of these days!

Enjoy Monday, go do your work, wash your clothes and have sex!


Superbowl Sunday


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I forgot I haven’t posted yet, so it seems irrelevant but here is Sunday’s post… Unedited too…

Happy Superbowl Day! I am at a dance convention worth the Gurl there has been the same dance studio drama for the last few years and nothing changes. I am frustrated because I said at this time last year that I would go through this again. I had meeting with teachers and studio owners only for the same dance drama to happen again with no changes, actually something’s have gotten worse. If we left the studio last year for a new one we would be settled and established at a new location right now I feel stuck my girl went from being excited about this dance weekend saying, “maybe I will come back next year”, to “this is probably my last year here.” It sucks when you pay for a service and are let down by the said service providers. I really want them to come through but lack of professionalism and disregard for what we as “customers” are paying for is disappointing to say the least. Obviously there are a lot of emotions and subjectivity involved because it involves our children, but flat out lies and disregard for structure is what is so frustrating! Anyway, I don’t want my daughter to lose her love for dance because the people who are supposed to be guiding her are more concerned with their own lives than they are with their business, this is a business trip for them (and the dancers and their families), they seem to be treating it like a vacation.

Anyway today is the happiest day of the year!!!! It is Superbowl!!! I just have to say The Patriots are so fucking good. Annoyingly good! I have always hated the Patriots! The one time I had then in the Superbowl for a win is when they fucking lost! I hate how Tom Brady got the spot from Drew Bledsoe the year Drew was injured and I have hated him ever since. However, I can’t deny how good they have been! I won’t say best of all time because I can’t! I don’t think Tom Brady is Better than Peyton Manning I don’t even want to hear the number of rings argument. How many does Dan Marino have? He is still a Hall of Fame QB but I’m a hater!

I’m going to End this with #GoHawks I am Seahawks fan to the core.


Dance Stress


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It is mid dance convention weekend. There has been some stress, but the Girl has danced her heart out and done amazing as have her teammates! The kids are doing an amazing job! I love watching her dance! We we’re there at 7am until 10:30pm I’m spent. I had a great day and will talk about my day more as the week goes on and when I am not so exhausted!



I forgot to blog earlier. It was day one of the girl’s competition weekend. Solo day! She did awesome. There was a part in the dance that she really put in the emotion. It was like she got comfortable and it finally clicked how to emote on stage it was beautiful! She scored a Gold medal which means she scored somewhere between 90-93 out of a possible 100. Pretty good kid! More on this tomorrow.

Call Your Friends


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Why people are sad

Happy Thursday!!! So, there has been no alcohol consumed on this First day of February but for some reason the mood in here is light and airy, unlike it has been for the last month of Dry January. It is a good day here in the Earl household! The boy is well into his first year of Middle School Wrestling and doing great. He has had 2 matches on Varsity as a 6th grader, 2 wins, 1 with a pin and one by points. Today was the points match. It was intense the kid he wrestled was good but the Boy was better. He kept focus was strong and held him off and managed to score more points even when the ref was screwed up in his scoring (he had to score a couple Take-downs before he even got points). I love watching him wrestle he is doing great!

The girl is gearing up for her first full convention and competition this weekend. She will be on her own deciding what she can do per her knee pain. She has taken today and tomorrow’s classes off to give a rest before the big weekend. I hope she can hold up with minimal set backs but sometimes when you rehab from injury and reintroduce sports and workload, that happens. This is the competition that she won their title award a few years ago. I love seeing her win awards and get scholarships but I try not to attach to much emotion to that, but it’s hard! I just love watching her dance!

Today I had a girlfriend come over for coffee. OMG was that refreshing and so enjoyable! I really needed that and I think the two of us need to do that more often! It is refreshing for the soul. Women need supportive women friends to support each other. I am so happy to have reconnected. I met this friend through my daughter. The Girl and this friends daughter have been friends since 2 grade or so. The daughter is a great friend to the Girl and the mom to me. I am just so thankful and grateful for her. We had a great visit talking about everything under the sun even gossiping about our kids and their drama with their friends. We made a “we won’t tell anyone what we talked about today” pact. I love that! I love my friend!

You need people! We all need people especially us ladies. We thrive on each other we process emotions by talking to each other and it helps us to not kill our husbands and children and for ourselves. Men need that sense of community to but they process things differently sorry guys but I don’t know how to tell you to do it, but grab a guy friend go shoot hoops or play golf, boys don’t seem to need to talk as much as ladies they need to move, work on cars together or play sports. Bottom line we all need community and friends. Ladies tend to compete with each other and get petty and find faults we need to stop that! I am thankful that this mom friend has never made me feel like we are competing, Nor has she judged me, she’s a good friend! Not to mention she has been available to take my kids to and from school and even take the boy at times and she doesn’t have boys. She is really a great gal pal and I love her and we all need more of them.

Go be with your community! Be friends with your spouse and Have a friend group to hang with and confide in together but also separate from your spouse. Being loved and being social is one thing that helps us thrive. We need connection sometimes we need to ask our friends over for coffee and stop waiting for them to call us!


XXX-Sext Up Some Interest-XXX


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if you never did you shouldHappy Hump Day! Today the Hump Day Challenge is to get out of your comfort level. Well for some of you, anyway. Since it’s the beginning of the year I want to ease into things sort of and get you communicating differently. The Hubs and I struggle hard core on communication. Believe it or not he is more sexually driven than me. He likes to have dirty talk and like sexual innuendo and most of the time I am stuck and confused about how to answer. Many times I respond with LOL or send back and emoji but he really wants is for me to get involved with the conversation. So, the best advice I can give you is PRACTICE and just do it. Write something back until if feels normal. The hump day challenge this week is, we are going to sext each other.

Start off by sending a text that says something like “I can’t wait to see your naked body” or some partners may want (or even need) more. Point is: Know your audience. If your man likes the details of how long and where you will put his member when you get home by all means go for it. However, if your wife is a stay at home mom who sometimes lets your kids play with her phone while she is shopping give her a warning first. “Hey, babe. Little man is not looking right?” she responds with “no” Then go ahead  with “when he goes to bed tonight I’m going to lick your luscious pussy until you beg for my cock” then she can respond back with a pic of her pussy (after she escapes from Little Man of course)

Sexting is a fine art. You have to be careful what and when you send texts and if your partner has a work phone probably don’t want to send it there…or maybe you do for some extra danger (but don’t say I didn’t warn you if negative backlash comes). I love the idea of sexting my spouse. He loves it. There’s not a whole lot of anything that can’t be cheered up with a nice shot of my tits… Get my smile in there too then he is set for the day!

If sending photos don’t worry about how you look there are not too many sexual positions you are in that you will think are attractive, but he will. I know it’s usually the girls who have that self consciousness. Men, some ladies love a good dick pic, however many of us can live without. My preference is to not get them. However, I love a good six pack paired with  boxer briefs… I love my husbands smile and I love a guy in sunglasses. My point is that we women are a little harder to understand and please, so do your homework and find out what your gal likes before sending the dick pic.

Your hump day challenge today is to sext up your lover! Give them a story or just a short tease what ever you feel like and make sure you know it is something they are into. The point is to start a playful conversation that leads to foreplay that leads to sex that leads to two orgasms!