Put Energy In Things That Move You Closer To Your Goals


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Stress-management-photoI really miss blogging everyday. I really hope to get back to it. However, I really want my blog to be quality. To be inspirational, educational, funny and have less typos. However, when I write many times I am distracted and have a lot going on. That’s what happens as a working mom. I lack good boundaries to set strict rules for myself and my family about when they can get my attention and when I put my attention into different things than just my blog. I have started a business and that has taken a lot more energy and effort and my time than I originally had planned for. I know it is going to be great but it needs a lot of energy and I have to make it a priority. I should make a priority to set a better schedule and get all of my tasks in. Sometimes, I just sit and do nothing or watch mindless TV shows to just relax. Everyone needs that, yes, everyone does!

I am working to help you my readers to be better at being present in your life. That is a goal I have to inspire you and encourage you and myself to be present. Whatever it is that you are trying to do do it big, do it well and do it with love! I am not the best example of how to do that, but I know you can do it. Do your best, love with all your heart. Have perspective and put your energy in the areas of your life that you want to flourish! A good place to start with that is to have a schedule, make lists, prioritize well and get help!

One big thing you need, this deserves it’s own paragraph is self awareness. Know what you want. Have a vision and be clear. Write it down if you need to. When you are feeling overwhelmed take a minute to step back and evaluate where you are and where you want to be. Are you on a path that is getting you closer to where you want to be or are you putting too much energy into things or places that don’t matter! Really be intentional in everything you do and you will get closer to where you want to go. Eliminate things that don’t help you get there. Those moments you say “yes” when you know you should say “no” take a minute and think, will this help me in the areas of my life I need to keep moving forward? Will this help accomplish my goals? If not then respectfully say “no”. There are sometimes we do have to sacrifice for our children or our spouse or family and do those things  but make it meaningful. If you cannot do it full out and with a good spirit say no anyway! Always do everything with your best energy and intention. You will be rewarded for that, in some way shape or form. I believe that to be so.

I will work on this as I muddle through this first month of owning my own business. I will work through getting myself organized, scheduling things in my life so I can not be buried in my business but also not make my business a charity and make money and pay myself with it. I will work on all of this. I will make lists, schedule groceries and cleaning. I already have put on my schedule my “business accounting/billing/office work” time for Tuesday mornings. Grocery shopping is after that and cleaning will need a time too. I will be working Monday and Friday evenings and probably Tuesdays as well, I haven’t got that nailed down as I have an onsite job that I do and I need to make sure that day is nailed down first. I will commit to continuing to write a Hump Day Challenge every week and I will try to include at least two more posts every week. So you should see at least three blog posts a week from me, sometimes more when I have a moment.

So there you have it. There is the start to my list and my commitment to you readers. I love this blog, I love writing. I love my family and husband and kids and my business. I have to give myself some realistic expectations of how to accomplish happiness and balance. Keep reading and feel free to comment and interact with me if you like. Continue to be positive and open minded and keep having sex as much as you can! Go forth and Sex, Love and Washing Clothes with me!



Happy Hump Day! Today’s Hump Day Challenge is brought to you by what didn’t happen for me on date night last night. A little DP. Grab your butt plug and your man and get yourself some double penetration! If you don’t have a butt plug check out the Sex Love and Washing Clothes store. Or you can do a little finger DP with your partner.

A back story about this. The Hubs likes pictures of me or actually my back side with my sparkly butt plug. I have one with a jewel on it. So I took a pic for him the other morning and it felt nice. It was pleasant and left me wanting him in my pussy. Sorry, as I know some of you don’t like this detail TMI, but why sensor myself now? I want to sort of help the ladies or those who are apprehensive about anal play relax. I get moments where I get apprehensive or nervous or just not into it. But taking out my little sparkly plug and inserting it for a photo op for the Hubs reminded me that I actually kind of like it. 

It takes a minute (or 15 sometimes) for me to get into it. Sometimes , maybe even most times, I have to be super horny and turned on to get into it. But once I do oh the sensation is so pleasant! It took working into it. My husband was really good at oral then he would use his fingers inside my pussy then he slowly added in the anal play. The more he did it, the more I enjoyed it, the more comfortable I got. However if he jumps to anal too fast I makes me pull away. So be careful partners to not rush it, you may lose the opportunity.

Just relax, have fun. Be playful, flirt with each other, make her feel like a queen. When it’s time to play with the plug, make sure you use lube! Slowly put it in then men put you meaty cock in her pussy and enjoy her fullness. She definitely will. Enjoy

Now go fuck play and/or love on and/or inside each other. Feel how wet her pussy gets with some ass play! And girls, enjoy how hard he is after playing with your ass before fucking you.


What The Fuck Is Wrong With Me?


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We just finished gigantic very yummy amazing homemade ice cream sundaes. They were served up in these beautiful hand painted sundae bowls that are big enough to fit 3 scoops of ice cream and lots of toppings and still have room for more! The sundaes were great. They probably were 1000 calories each. As I have struggled with my weight issues my whole life I can’t help myself to think that I am teaching my daughter to continue to carry on my weight issues like a family tradition. I stop myself from correcting her or telling her she doesn’t “need to eat that” because I heard that all the time from my mom. I would ask to have a cookie (we never ate anything without asking) she would answer with something like “you don’t need that” or “do you want to look like me when you grow up?” Those words were engrained subconsciously in my brain. I feel it damaged me in a way. But, I don’t know how I can talk to her and tell her she is eating (sometimes) out of boredom or because of something other than the need to fuel her body.


I don’t want to damage her soft little soul or self esteem. I don’t want her to think or believe the way I did that I was fat in 7th grade. I don’t now think I was fat in 7th grade but when I was in 7th grade I thought I was. I would skip lunch or not sit down at a table to eat my lunch. I would by a bag of two cookies and eat just that instead of real food and balanced nutrition because I was on a “diet”. At one point in Junior high I was a vegetarian. I would not eat meat, but I would eat cookies, French fries, bread and the occasional McDonald’s hamburger. I have no idea why I thought meat was what was making me not “skinny” I was far from fat. Kids theses days are much bigger than I was I was a size 3 in 7th grade a 5 in 8th grade and then a 7 for most of the rest of my high school career. That is not fat in my 37 year old brain! But in my 12 year old brain I was fat.

I was not active. I did drill team but probably could not run a mile. I had no grasp at all on nutrition. I didn’t know what a protein, carb or fat even was or the significance of any of those things. My daughter knows to eat a protein and carb at every meal. She also knows to try to have more fruits and veggies at every meal. The Girl exercises regularly by default she is a dancer and dances 4 days a week for 3 hours on her light day! So that helps combat those extra calories, but I don’t want to be that mom that nags her daughter on weight. I want my daughter to love her curves that are developing and enjoy the womanly shape she is gaining.

Then there is the part of me that wants her to stay petite and skinny her whole life. I know kids grow and get thicker and then taller but I worry about her thinking the same way I did when I was young. How to I change that? How can I affect her to be healthy about her body image and not worry about her weight and her size. And then when she is confidently eating a gigantic bowl of ice cream I can’t help but think in my head “I don’t want her to get bigger like me” What the fuck is wrong with me???? This is body image problems at their worst!

Give her credit. Give her love and acceptance and teach her by modeling good habits! but I don’t have good eating habits, I don’t have good body image, I have self esteem problems I am always judging everything about myself and looking at the negative. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME? Please someone help me figure this out before I damage my daughter and she carries on the family tradition of bad body image and being overweight and loving herself with food the way I have….

All I have ever wanted was to teach her to be better than me. I want her to love me and look up to me. How can I do that with out her hating me for it and with out her turning into me?????


Raising Well Rounded Adults

Happy weekend everyone! Ithas been a fun weekend so far. We have had football practice watched our daughter dance for a performance and the we went to an adult’s only event. Which I felt guilty leaving the kids. But they are busy kids. We do a lot of rearranging adult stuff for them and we miss out in a lot for them. It is okay to have adult time with out your kids every now and then and even more sometimes as well.

It takes well rounded. Respectful adults to raise well rounded respectful adults! Quote that!!!

XXX-Ride Him-XXX


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So today’s Hump Day Challenge is brought to you by what I want to do but can’t do to a sleepover. I don’t know where it came from but knowing that I have an extra kid in the house is like having a sprained ankle and wanting to go for a run. How many days did you sleep in and say you will go later and when you get an injury all you want to do is go for that run.

Reverse CowgirlI would love to feel my husband’s dick inside my pussy as I am on his lap in reverse cowgirl position. We have this chaise as part of our sectional sofa and he is sitting there now. I keep imagining myself on his lap, we could even continue watching T.V. You see I have been super distracted with my business move and getting the football season started and have spent many evenings falling asleep before anything sexy happens. Some nights the Hubs has been able to arouse me and get me going and some nights he is just too tired to put in the effort, and now, tonight the boy has a buddy over and all I want to do is jump his bones and ride him reverse cowgirl! Why the fuck do things happen like that.

So today’s Hump Day Challenge is to take a ride ladies! Ride him reverse cowgirl. Let him hold your hips and rock them up and down and back and forth. Then turn and let him see your boobies bouncing as you ride him cowgirl and face him. Let him touch you, let him twiddle you nipples and enjoy the attention! I must say I love nipple play when we fuck!

So today may have been another on of those TMI posts but I needed some inspirational juices to get flowing and riding my husband reverse cowgirl was what was inspiring me! So go ride your man ladies!


It Takes Effort and Hard Work


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This week was a busy week. Between trying to get settled in my new office and first week of football, it was crazy. A little bit too much going on but really in all honesty I thrive on that! My ADD brain loves to be busy and live in chaos! I am going to try to get better at writing everyday even if it’s short. To just write a lesson learned, or a fun exciting thing that happened, or something inspirational. That’s my challenge for myself to you, my readers.

Today we are going to the Mariners game. We are going to the game. The game that is going to honor the best, if not one of the best, baseball players ever. Ken Griffey Jr. His number will be retired today! I have always loved this guy. His drive, his focus, his determination is or was phenomenal. I only hope that a small percentage of all of “that” that he has my kids will have one day. He is also very humble about his career. He will tell you he was that good because of the work he put in, it was a huge sacrifice he made, with huge pay off. He made it look easy because of his hard work. I am sure it was far from easy. Success in any venue takes dedication, work, perseverance, sacrifice and most of all desire to be better, or even desire to be the best, along with, at least a shred of, talent. You cannot be that successfull or that good without all of those things then add to it an amazing support team, great teammates and some luck and you have a Hall of Fame career. I am pretty sure Hall of Famers don’t try to be in the Hall of Fame. They try to be the best they can be everyday. Every. Single. Day! It takes all of “that” and maybe even more. 

So I say to you, moms, dads, workers, husbands, wives, and athletes, what are you doing today to be great? It takes 100% everyday, even your off days. Even when you don’t feel good, or your wife is being a bitch, in order for you to be a Hall of fame husband, you have to be good even then. That’s what makes most of us not Hall of Famers, we make excuses of circumstances and blame others for our actions. But that is what we can do to change the outcome. Put in the work, everyday! Even when your team sucks, even when you hate your coach or hate your boss or the client you are working with is doing everything he can to torpedo your efforts. DO YOUR BEST. ALL. THE. TIME. 

Will you be voted in the Hall of Fame. Maybe not, there are 3 people who didn’t vote for Griffey Jr and he is the best ever! HOF is court of public  opinion, but are your efforts everyday getting you closer? You are in control of just that, your effort! Put in Hall of Fame effort it, may look easy but making things look easy…is the opposite of easy!




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FUCK!!!!  I forgot to write my Hump Day Challenge yesterday! I really need to get everything situated and settled and organized so I can get back to blogging everyday!

What if I flyI wish I was more organized! I wish I knew what I was doing! I wish I had time to do all this before I opened!

Well, that’s all I have time for today!!!! Well, I could go on but…nope gotta go! So much to do between starting this whole “My own business” thing and week one of Football…. Oh my goodness I promise tomorrow I will put in more time and give a good part of me in my blog and I will post random Hump Day Challenges on non “Hump  Days”

Hope you all are well and enjoying your summer! Love you all!


Fast Cars, Football and Fun


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Happy Monday! Today is day one of the 2016 PeeWee football season!!! I love football season!! I am the equipment manager and Saturday was Gear Checkout day. Which went very smoothly, then today was overflow gear day like all first day of the season is and for the first time we got through the list of late arrivals today!!! For the first time ever we made it through the list on the first day of practice. Now, I know there are a few kids who are on vacation, and some who signed up today that didn’t make it there and will need to get fitted tomorrow or when they are back from vacation but for the most part they are caught up!  Thank goodness!!!!

dream big work hardOn Sunday this weekend the Hubs and I went to an autocross track and got to drive a Ferrari F430 around an autocross track! It was super fun!!!!

They also allow you to pay $30 to drive your own car around the track during their lunch break! So of course we took Pearl out, our Cadillac ATS-V, on the course. That was a blast too, ok I did squeal out of fear and worry about tires, brakes and crashing my o0wn car. But OH MY WORD, it was super fun! It makes me want to go out and buy a race car to wheel around the race track close to home on the weekends! The instructors at the track said they make you let them drive your car if you have a cool car. Apparently we have a cool car because they both drove my car! My car is pretty cool and it compared and drove very close the Ferrari! Have I said it was fun! It was well worth the hundred bucks that we spent on the experience. Actually, we have already decided we will need to do it again just so we can drive our car on the track again because we didn’t have the track video recorder in the car set on the correct setting when we took our laps! We will probably be doing it again sometime soon!

So there you have a little update from my weekend and this Monday. I am high on fun times driving fast this weekend and the first day of peewees a happy girl here. But have a lot to do so that’s all for now!



XXX-Just Go Have Sex-XXX


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women-should-be-obscene-and-not-heard-14Hello! Happy Hump Day!!! It is 11:45pm on this hump day! It has been a crazy busy week. I have been moving my massage practice and starting my own private practice so that entails a lot of paperwork, filings, fees, phone calls and faxes just a lot of work! Then this Saturday is gear check out for peewee football. It is my big day as the equipment manger and there is a lot to get ready and to make ready for that before Saturday. All in all I feel like I have done an okay job balancing all of my different tasks that I need to get done and things I need to do so far. But it has left little room for my write a hump day challenge!

So for todays hump day challenge I am going to just say go get you some! Just fuck and be happy! Girl on top, boy on top, oral, kissing making out heavy petting all of the fun stuff include that like you are back in college. Just get close get naked and let nature take over. Don’t push anything! I personally need a low pressure good sex high intensity orgasm type sexual experience. I am so in need of one of those kinds of attitude adjustments! It’s time to go!


Breaking Free


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FutureSo it has been a long week. I haven’t wrote since last Tuesday! Last week I spoke of things that happened that I didn’t want to talk about yet. Well then more things happened and happened so fast that I didn’t have time to stop and write. I have been overwhelmed this last week. the weekend previous to last Tuesday (the last time I blogged) I had looked at a new office to rent for my massage office. I have been contemplating private practice for a long time. I heard about this space available and decided to talk to the owner and then looked at it two weekends ago. I decided by Tuesday that I would talk to my boss and tell him I found a place. If he made an offer for me to rent the space I was in I would consider it but I was pretty sure I was done dealing with scheduling issues, done paying too much for rent on uncapped commissions and ready to have my own office.

Well I put in notice on Wednessday. I had decided I could wait until August 10 or so to stay at the chiropractic office to help out since the other massage therapist in our office just gave notice that she was leaving end of July. The Dr however decided that he didn’t want me to stay and help out he wanted me to leave. He said “Friday will be you last day” he must have thought I was a threat or something and the other massage therapist was not! I was kind of insulted but ok I guess I have work to do! Since then it has been a crazy busy time full of crazy unpredictable and un-understandable emotions. I went from feeling sad for leaving to feeling relieved to feeling angry that I have let the disrespect last so long! I was feeling not good enough, held back and stuck where I was at. I knew I was going to a better place but was scared and overwhelmed with too much to do in too little time. That made me emotional and the Hubs and I got in two arguments because he was frustrated he couldn’t understand me, well, neither could I! He is a typical guy who likes to and thrives on fixing things and when he can’t be a fixer he doesn’t know what to do and gets frustrated.

I was overwhelmed, I didn’t know how to feel or what to think. I was caught up in my head and couldn’t get focused. Once I got focused on working on my new office which happened this weekend when we started painting the new space and getting it ready it was invigorating, and inspiring. Then I was mad I spent so much time fretting about leaving the old place.

Today was my first day in my new office. I had 3 appointments most of my clients have chosen to keep the already scheduled appointments at my new place. So I am officially in private practice! I am renting space from another massage therapist working in an office of 4 therapists. I got to paint my own office, change out electrical outlets and pick out curtains and  decorate. I need to buy a new table soon, I need a chair for clients to sit while they change, I need a mirror (I found one that matches my curtains and will work well but it is $70 and I am running low on funds considering that I have to pay rent! I am excited and feeling free! I have 7 more massages until I cover rent and massage related expenses! I am feeling hopeful and ready to take on this challenge and I am happy to be living my dream live and in person!

It was sad-ish to leave. It was emotional, hard, confusing because I wanted to go but I am looking forward to this new adventure. I was scared to break out of my comfort zone. I am still scared but I know it is good. Good things come from breaking free from fear and breaking out and being bold! I will not stop until I have gotten to where I want to be and I will be happy. I will provide for my family and live in abundance! I am happy to stretch my comfort zone, no, I am happy to leave my comfort zone! I want to, but it is hard and it will hurt but it will be worth it!



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