XXX-Seductive Show-XXX


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Happy Hump Day! Today I had The Boy home sick from school. So I got very little work done today but it would have been perfect for me to write my blog but of course I didn’t think about it while we were snuggling on the couch watching Pitch Perfect. So here goes while I sit here watching football. It is a nice crisp fall night I am loving the quiet down time just watching the boys. I am struggling with my mommy muscles to go rescue the boy from getting yelled at when he makes a mistake. I just want to say give him a break he’s sick. But in the real world, it doesn’t slow down because you’re sick. They boy has to learn to be tough and to put in the work and tough it out if he wants to be there and be great. As I sit back and watch I just smile watching The Hubs and all the other coaches putting their passion and their love for the game and these boys out there. All of these men could be at home in a warm living room with their feet up but they are here with our boys making them better players, better students of the game and eventually, better men.

show-off-your-bodyI digress though. Today’s Hump Day Challenge is about feeling confident in your skin. Today I want you to seductively strip for your partner. As you may know The Hubs and I have sex a lot. We try for every day but don’t always make it. We always go to bed at the same time. Sometimes, many times especially as we get busier and life gets crazier we sort of just go through the motions of sex. We get in bed naked usually one of us in in bed and covered up before the other. We snuggle close and get on with it. We enjoy each other and sex even on these normal go through the motion kind of nights. Tonight I want you to make it different. Tonight as I always suggest go to bed together and seductively take your clothes off for your lover. If you are like me add some music.

As you set the stage think about what you like about your body and how your will showcase it for your lover. Think about what your lover has told you he/she loves about your body. How would they love to see it showcased? Throw out your insecurities about your body. Yes, you may have a bit of a muffin top or you don’t like your stretch marks, but I guarantee your lover does. Show your body off to him be sexy be romantic, be playful. Lap Dance or grind on him when you get completely naked take her clothes off in a seductively sultry way. Kiss each other’s body lick her pussy, suck his cock. Be slow and feel your body touching theirs. Sit back for a second and check out your lover can you believe you get to fuck that? How amazing is that? Treat your lover’s body with the ultimate sensual sexual energy and attention.

A few notes to those who may struggle with this whole confidence thing. When you are stripping look at the part of your body you are trying to showcase, this takes his eyes there too. If there is a part of your body that you are less confident about, just let it go. Stop worrying about it! You are beautiful! You are sexy! Your lover wants that body show it to him!  She chose you for a reason you are sexy!


Put In The Work


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It was a great week for our Pee Wee Football team finally got it’s first win. It was only week three but we only have 7 weeks and 6 games! Our boys the team that is together this year has been to the Championship the last time they were together. They have great talent just raw talent and teamwork, when they decide to use it! They have not worked as hard as they should yet this season so the coaches took matters into their own hands and kicked the boys asses during practice this week. They ran them in wind sprints and bear crawls and more sprints. They worked hard they were tough and those boys responded so well. You should have hear some of the parents “my son is big he can’t run like that” “do they know what they’re doing” “they don’t run that much during the game” “They need to work on their plays” My feeling is no, they need to toughen up and get in shape. The last few games the boys were gassed in the 4th quarter.

motivational-quotes-for-work-hardWell, this week’s game, our kids went out and won 19-0. They kicked ass. They did pretty much everything they were asked to do. They held their positions the backs hit their holes the line held their blocks. Defense wrapped up and held their tackles. They hit hard took the hard hit. The boy actually took a tough hit in open field unprotected it was epic. They called a buck wedge play (that might make sense to some of you) and he was the ball carrier he is one of the smallest kids but he is usually a blocking back so he only gets to carry the ball a few times a game. So I remember when they put this play in the playbook, they always said, “this might be your break out touchdown play or you will get stuffed” they are banking and hoping the defense bites on a fake. Well this game they kind of did, so the boy gets the ball circles around like he is supposed to then starts up field running full speed and BAM here comes the linebacker unblocked and just hashmarks the boy. (When we were in high school the players earned hashmarks the ticks to go on their helmets in order to get a hashmarks  you had to change the direction of the players body 90 degrees) basically dominating the opponent. Well the boy takes the hit and pops right back up. We were all worried but it was an epic hit one that you would replay like 50 times if you were at home watching a professional game. Anyway it was awesome. The boy still gained about 3-4 yards.

Bottom line our boys played like we know they should and better yet they got the win. These moments in youth sports is what it is all about. You can’t just get the great coaches, the good team and show up at a game. You have to work hard at practice, and at the games every single day. It takes 100% all of the time regardless of how tired you are or how much homework you have or anything else! In the moment you are working on your craft, be it your job, your sport, your art…you have to go hard, you have to give it your all. Becaue your excuses don’t matter. When you make excuses you are left with results you don’t want and your excuse and regrets! Excuses don’t win games, your opponent doesn’t care! if you want him to win keep it up. If you want to win and get the results you want stop making excuses and put in the work!


XXX-Vampires Kiss-XXX


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Happy Hump Day! Today’s Hump Day Challenge follows the number of today. Today’s number is 273 and our Hump Day Challenge is coming from the book 365 Sex Moves (There is a link to purchase this book in the Sex Love and Washing Clothes Amazon store link on this page) by Randi Foxx. Day 273 is Dracula’s Kiss and it requires some props (how fun!) So grab some cuffs they will be for her feet and then grab your feathered riding crop (or something similar maybe a scarf to tie up her feet and a ruler if you don’t have a riding crop) and get ready. Have I mentioned how amazing these photos are in this book?
With the woman stretched out on her stomach with her feet cuffed or tied together the man straddles her upper thighs and enters her from behind. He gently uses his riding crop to coax her throat upward so he can kiss and nible on her neck and throat like a vampire.

Feel free to use your imagination add in some whipping if she is naughty. Ladies arch your back it’s all sexy for him and accentuates your curves. Then reach back to caress the back of his neck while he kisses you. Remember your feet will be cuffed not your hands so explore what you can do…maybe you can grab the riding crop and use it on him. Bend your knees up to hold his hips in place or press them in deeper as he penetrates you. As you flow through this sex session explore the fun and teasing as well as the different positions you can try and interesting things you can do and maybe not do as your feet are cuffed.

As always be creative, be patient and go at your lovers pace. Don’t push them into something they are not comfortable with. Being tied up, spankings and/or entering from behind can always give some a little anxiety. Encourage her she is in control. Tell him what your limits are and respect each other. See if this is something you will continue to include to keep things interesting or if it’s just a one night thing. Either way be brave love with you everything and relax and explore sex tonight.


Dance Rescues Life


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​***writers note I started this yesterday, Monday edited and completed Tuesday**

What a great three day weekend (we played hookie today so we all had a three day weekend) To be honest, it was a rough start to our weekend. The Hubs and I had a long “Special Moment” (aka big fight) to start off Saturday then a loss for our PeeWee team made it just a bad day but then was recovered with great friends who are more like family Saturday night. Then it was Seahawks Sunday then we ran into more good friends after the game and then we met up at Great Wolf Lodge Monday with the kids and In-laws. However, I feel shafted because the power went out and we didn’t get that much time in the water park, and then home to a crazy mess of a house. Then, I realized the meat in the fridge that needed to be cooked or thrown away, only $130+ so I had to throw it on the Traeger to salvage it dinners are pre-prepped for the week …I guess. Then it was time for my Adult Modern Dance Class. I was tired and unmotivated, but I knew it would lift me up and rescue the day (not that it was bad, but I was tired). 

In Modern, We are working on improving and “feeling” the music without “holding back” or judging our moves. Take up the space, use the floor and dance from within….I SO NEEDED that!!!! I need that in my whole life. Dance overflows totally into life, Thanks Ms X! Dance once again rescued my day and actually without getting to in depth dance really has rescued my life more than once! And then today, flowers from the Hubs to seal the weekend. And better yet we go back to work/school for Tuesday, it won’t be a Monday! 

So, Love life! Embrace the positive, ditch the negative. Dance from within. I think dance is the only time in my life maybe the only time I allow myself to be uncensored (when I close my eyes, yes I dance improv with my eyes closed so I don’t judge myself). I am thankful for dance and a class to go to and a teacher who draws out my soul out to put it in my dance. I may one day find if it is ever possible, I may find the real me, with the help of dance probably on stage when I don’t even expect it! I love dance! Dance mimics life and I love dance, my life is a dance. I love my life!


XXX-Sex in the Car-XXX


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Today’s Hump Day Challenge is inspired by me driving FOR-EVER today!!! Today’s Hump Day Challenge is to have sex in a car! Drive somewhere…to a lookout or something, and go at it. Experiment with each seat, drivers seat (tilt up the wheel) passenger seat reclined back or the back seat. Oh you have and SUV? Fold down the seat and get it on!

Start with a make out session if you want get all romantic play some Barry White or Marvin Gay to help the mood. (I like Keith Sweat). Have fun, relax and JUST HAVE SEX in the car!


I Want to Be Better


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goals-exciteI know I have been MIA! I apologize to those who like reading my posts and to my faithful followers. I am really working on getting into a routine to keep my blog up to date and keep inspiring and entertaining people. My goal is to inspire couples to have more sex and to be more connected and to stay together, support each other, and love each other more. It has been about a week and a half since I wrote. The Hubs was gone all last week, I conducted Drill Team tryouts and did the normal stuff I do every week. It was a good busy week. The boy’s football team had a bye this weekend but we all went to the afternoon games this week. It was fun to just watch football and not really be connected to a player. I mean I am connected too all our teams in our league but it was nice to be sort of neutral.

The hubs and I had some catching up on connecting this weekend since he was gone all week. We had a slight little argument when he got home. Not too shocking because we usually do. Whenever one of us leaves or comes back we usually go through a bit of re-connecting and getting back on the same page. It’s normal and usually doesn’t last long but it sucks. It’s from stress and we just take too long to recognize it until we are both arguing and then realize we are making the same argument and the one who lets their ego go first is the one who creates change and stops the argument. We went out for a few drinks had some hot tub time and then some alone adult time.

I really missed him. I have said this before he had some mad skills when it comes to oral sex. It makes me inspired to get better at blow jobs. I have books and have researched but really probably what I need is to practice. I know this sounds weird and maybe a little TMI but oh. my. word. my husband deserves it. When our sex life got really good is when he got really good at oral! So it is my goal and my task to myself to work on this and get better! I love the pleasure I get from him and I only hope I can return the favor. I am sure he is satisfied, I know he is but I just want to accomplish this so I can reciprocate better and more.

So this week’s goals are to get more organized and write more, give more blow jobs and really work on figuring out what he likes and what works for him. And getting in my workout!

So, what are your goals in life right now? We all have to be focused on what we want to accomplish and what we want to get better and sup[ort our selves and our family. If you know of something your partner is working towards, a goal they are trying to accomplish, support them. Notice them when they are trying and give feedback. Don’t pressure them and don’t criticize them when they are not doing the best at achieving the goal. Build them up, I guarantee they know what they are slipping on they need to know someone notices the good things that are working.



Sex for Stress


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Hello friends. I have missed you. I miss blogging everyday! I miss sharing my stories with you. I was on the way to a Seahawks game yesterday and looked at my phone and thought of blogging but, I knew my hands would really act up and be painful if I blogged from my phone. The kids have started school. The girl said her first day was “terrible”. The boy’s first Pee Wee game was this weekend. He played amazing but the team still lost. There are so many things I want to share about every single one of these adventures but time is not on my side. Blogging is almost like a full time job or at least should be. I makes me think that maybe I need to plan my posts out better. I miss having time to blog. I also miss having sex with the hubs everyday! I miss Sex Love and Washing Clothes!!!

I love everything I am doing in my life. I love my life. The Hubs and I have had a few struggles a few weeks ago, but have got past it. Starting a new business has created a lot of stress in this household as it would in any household. Stress like that tends to cause the Hubs and I to argue a little more. More sex helps us in the arguing department so we have really (or at least I have) focused on having more sex. I know it sounds like avoiding problems but really it is coping with stress. So that has been a lot of what we do in our spare time. Which is what makes it tough right now for the Hubs to be gone for a week, he is at training for work! Boo!!!!

One more adventure that I have been working on is I am the new Drill Team Advisor at my daughter’s junior high. She has never been much interested in Drill Team but I was in Drill Team as a Jr High and High school student. It made a big impact in my life and would not want these girls to miss the opportunity and the chance to influence women of our future to get a better start being better women than we have before. Women need to be taught at a young age how to support each other and not compete with each other. We as a Drill Team are sisters and what we need to focus on is to lift up and support each other! I hope I can help the girls start a good solid life of good lady support for each other!

I need to go choreograph a tryout routine, wash dishes, do laundry and maybe even sleep. (No fucking the Hubs in gone, sadface)



Productive Weekend


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Happy Monday, wait, it’s Tuesday! Happy Tuesday! This was Labor Day Weekend. Did you get in some end of summer R&R? Or were you uber productive and finished cleaning out the closets before the kids go back to school? We had a very chill weekend. The kids went to Gma’s one last time before they leave for AZ for a few weeks and the Hubs and I just relaxed. He had worked Thursday night all night. He went back to work Thursday evening at 10pm and then came home at 11:45 Friday morning. We had originally planned to go away one last weekend camping at the ocean but being up all night working has a way of altering those kind of weekend plans.

dream hungry demonsSo instead, Gma and Gpa came to get the kids so they could “steal” them for the weekend. I was quite thankful because  I needed an adult only weekend kind of a break. Gma and Gpa picked up the kids around 11am then the Hubs and I went back to bed when they left. We slept, fucked, watched football, fucked some more, then got out of bed had dinner and did it all again. We met up with friends we haven’t seen in a while Sunday evening and then Monday we went shooting.

We had a very productive weekend. Not in a sense of getting things accomplished but we made some really good connection, with each other. No doors to lock, didn’t have to be quiet and didn’t have to be anywhere! It was a relaxing chill weekend. No washing clothes, no schedule, no demands except the way we felt about each other. We had lots of sex this weekend. I did get a few ideas for Hump Day Challenges but do you think I wrote them down or remember my ideas at all? Not currently, I will get better at writing things down one day! We had a great reboot this weekend.

The Hubs and I really needed a reboot kind of weekend. Not really because things have been bad (although it has not been smooth sailing) but because we are busy. It’s hard to stay connected when you are going in so many different directions and have schedules and other people that take priority just because of the demands of the schedule of life. When this happens we all need to get grounded and focus on priorities and give each other a little grace. The Hubs and I talked this morning about not letting the busy-ness and demands of kids, school, work, jobs, coaching duties get in the way of knowing that we love each other and staying connected. We all get tired but we all need to take the time to nourish our relationships.

One day there will be no kids to take to practice and work will slow down and we may even retire, we need to make sure that we still know and love our partner, when life slows down, that’s when life will get really good. I am not saying mine is a model relationship, we have our problems and struggles. We still have more good than bad and nurturing our relationship is important to us. We do that by taking weekends like this one. I would love to do it once a month but that is just not realistic, but when I start to see and feel that lack of connection, arguing over washing clothes and just that bluh feeling about my relationship that is the time to look at the calendar, contact one of the Grandparents or some really great friends to take the kids so we can have adult time. Sometimes we go away and sometimes we send the kids with Gma but we get alone time!

We also take a date night, every week. Right now we are on Tuesday, it is our weeknight date night. We usually also do get in a Weekend date night as well. I know there are many people who judge us and how much we go out and take date nights and weekends sans kids. But, I really think it is important for every marriage or partnership to have that time. When the kids are grown and gone we need to still know and love the one we met and had those said kids with.

It is important to take the time to nourish the relationship with your lover and almost as important to teach your children how to do that. Children see us fighting, I know studies show we shouldn’t fight around our kids, we try not to, but let’s be honest they see it, they need to see us make up and they need to see us loving each other as well. It is important to take care of ourselves individually as well. I want to inspire you to take the time to take care of your relationship with your lover. One of the easiest ways to do that is to have more sex! If you can’t get away or have no one to take care of the kids, lock your bedroom door turn up some music and enjoy the naked physical love of your partner. I promise it is well worth it even when you are tired!

Go make connection with your mate, have more sex! Of course being nice, helping each other cook and clean and keep up with the tedious tasks of a busy life helps too, but there is nothing like having a great relationship with you spouse and having great sex with them as well!


XXX-Mirror Mirror on the Wall-XXX


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I have missed you all. One reason I haven’t blogged much is due to some thumb and wrist pain I’ve been having. It is exacerbated by typing on my phone (which I am doing now) and that (using my phone) really is how I got through most of 2015. But I really have missed writing everyday. I promised last week that I would be back for a Hump Day Challenge every week, so here we go.
For this Hump Day Challenge break out the mirrors! Watching yourself and you lover make love is so erotic and sexy. I love mirrors in general. I don’t always love my reflection but there is something about catching us mid romp that hits me in the right spot,I lose all the normal body judgements. I love watching our hips rock against each other. I even enjoy watching the extra “body issue” areas jiggle as we fuck. 

I would love to mount a mirror over my bed, always have wanted to. I settle with a full length mirror next to the bed rested on the window seal. We used to have a big mirrored closet doors floor to ceiling wall to wall, it was awesome! The Hubs enjoys the mirror at the end of the bed he likes the spread eagle shots between the legs. If you don’t have an extra full body mirror laying around and nothing by your bed try your shower, you may have one next to the shower you can watch yourselves in the shower or have a romp in the bathroom in front of the vanity. 

Get creative, lock the doors and watch your selves (don’t judge your body) watch the love between you bodies. Enjoy the feeling and the look of your sex together. There is something about a visual that just boosts that sexy feeling and sensation in the body and connection to your lover! Enjoy that reflection of the two bodies together and get that great big “O”