Contemplating Cheating Dry January


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I really want a drink right now. The Hubs decided to do dry January with me, which is really great but he doesn’t want to go anywhere because of it. I miss socializing, and I still want a drink. I don’t really know why. I’m drinking my soda water with Thieves and Lemon Vitality Young Living essential oils but my craving is not going away!

I have lost 5 pounds this month, that’s nice and I don’t want to sabotage that so it keeps me from pouring vodka in my glass, the thought that dry January is helping my weight loss efforts.

In the past I have allowed myself to indulge in a drink at Seahawks games and every year I have done dry January (lasted the longer 2015 when we went to the Superbowl). This year we weren’t even in the play offs so I didn’t get that break. I’ve considered just having a day maybe one day on a weekend that I can “cheat” but I didn’t start until January 10th it’s only been a bout 10 days…do I have a problem? Oh no!

Well, pass me the sparkling water in a wine glass please a fancy pretty comfy wine glass and put on a good movie. The Hubs and I have two a days to do and sober movies to watch!

Keep focused on those goals folks … Superbowl will be here soon, two more weekends…we can do it!



Risk Taking Kind of 2018


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This is going to be quick. Today I had a great conversation with a friend of mine in business. He has always encouraged me to go big and dream big about my business. So tomorrow I am meeting with a potential work/referral partner. What I have to figure out now is what do I want and what are my work goals?

In my work I want to grow a business. I’d like to mentor other massage therapist and maybe even mom’s to being successful in private practice. But I have to be successful in private practice first! I am confident I can be, especially worth this potential referral partner. Now, I have to comitt to the work!

I am committed to making this work to show my kids you CAN make your own way. To help my family be financially successful and take a little pressure off the Hubs and to prove to me. 2018 is the year of Risk. Here goes taking a leap of faith and taking on this “risk” and committing to it for the WHOLE year. It may mean the kids having to walk themselves home and getting help getting the girl to dance and other logistical things. I need to prove to myself that I can. I am ready to take on this challenge! Here we go!


XXX-Red Lipstick-XXX


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Happy Hump Day! Did you know Red Lipstick in the red light community means you give blow jobs? Today this is your challenge!

Greet you man with a huge smile with bright or dark red lipstick on. Put his cock in your mouth and then take it out and admire it with your color around it. Look at him and smile then go back down on that. Feel it fill your mouth and lick it all over. Feel every bump and indentation with your tongue. Every once in a while look up with a mischievous smile and maybe a wink. Let him sit back and just watch you work.

If you can’t go start to finish with your mouth it’s okay. He likes it when you ride him and when you go back and forth with your mouth. You can give yourself breaks with your hand as well, let him touch you. Grab his ass, if he is standing, and pull him in closer to you! Lick the top of his cock play and tease it with your tongue and with your lips suck and even blow on it for extra stimulation. Wrap your hand around the base of his cock and put your mouth on top of your hand with him in your mouth, he will like the full contact on his dick! Do all of these things until he comes!

Have fun with it! Guys, you’re welcome! Be proud of what you did for your man and maybe if he wants, and if you want, you can let him return the favor.


Check in On Goals


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Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday! It was a good fairly productive for me in the Earl household! I had some personal appointments this morning AND got some work done in between which is a big deal for me! I struggle with small tasks in between other things. For me I have to focus on one thing to accomplish and, if I don’t think I have enough time or will get distracted or if it won’t get done in time, I usually choose to skip the task until I can focus on only that one thing.

Today I decided to just get it done. I get overwhelmed easily and have a hard time breaking down what needs to be done and how to accomplish the goal and have a hard time with time management. It’s because of ADD. You see, people with ADD, their frontal cortex (part of the brain that organized tasks) does not function the way people without ADD does. We struggle breaking down simple tasks, prioritizing things into a list based on importance and struggle with time management. So for me to get shit done in between two different appointments in two different places, for me is a big deal. High five to myself!

How are you doing on your goals this year? Here is an update on some of mine:

I also, today, got in a good run (slow, but still good). I got in 4+ miles for a total of 7+ on the month. I have a goal of 50 miles this month…if I am going to accomplish that I need to get my ass running every day! I have made it to the gym only once a week so far got to get more committed there to hit the twice a week mark.

Sex everyday has been going well. We haven’t done it every single day but have made up for missed days with a couple 2 a days right now we are a day behind, we will get there I’m not worried. Just looking forward to a day we can have a two a day.

Washing Clothes: I have done a load of laundry every day. Today I started the Hubs’ work pants in the laundry without him even having to tell me he has no pants to wear tomorrow (he has a stack of clean and folded pants in his closet) and now all the laundry hampers are not even close to over flowing!

Also, Couch cushions got readjusted and fluffed to look neater yesterday. The house got vacuumed, dishes caught up by the time the kids went to bed! It feels good to have that accomplished and check things off the list everyday.

What kind of sucks is my work schedule has been way slow, possibly reasons why I have had so much time to get housework done. I am working toward being on top of things around the house and carrying that on when business picks up. Small steps forward everyday! But I want more work to help with the family finances…

Dry January… still dry and for the Hubs too! Yay us!

I’m working on motivation to get it all done workout, clean, sex everyday and follow through with all of my Goals! And get more business! Maybe should have made business goals for 2018….

How’s everyone else doing?


Save What We Love


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Speak out against what is wrong speak up for what is right! Stop the hate! Put more energy into saving what we love than fighting what we hate! I’m not saying don’t fight against what’s wrong, not in any way. I am just saying in order to encourage love and all that is good let’s focus our energy there!

So much negativity is going around right now. Some is for good reason fighting for what is right and just but what I want to see and hear is people saying what is good amd right not only what is wrong! I want more attention put on people doing good things and less on those doing bad, even if their reasoning may be in the right place. A right platform, in my opinion, does not justify bad behavior.

Like Dr King, I believe we should be judged by the content of our character, not by the color of our skin, where we live, where we were born, how much money we have or can make, who we love, where or even if we worship, what sex we are or claim, what kind of car we drive, how fast we are going or by how many mistakes vs good we have done.

What I am saying is that in this moment you are the content of your character not any of those other things but at the same time all of those other things decisions you’ve made mistakes and accomplishments as a whole. One word, one phrase is not what defines you, it is the body of work. What kind of body of work are you putting out there? All of it, all the time even when no one is looking.

Today Dr King’s family asked for us to in remembrance of him that we serve one another. Many communities hosted programs to serve less fortunate in their community. I served my family, which is one thing I am focusing on this year in Sex Love and Washing Clothes. I have been feeling depressed lately. Everything everyday has been a bit of a struggle, not so much that it has consumed me but enough to make everyday a struggle. I worked through today by just doing one project at a time. I felt very unproductive however made a pretty good dent in my work. My family thanked me for it. Especially the hubs when he got some sexy pictures from me. It made me happy to make him smile, then he brought me flowers

Sometimes we think we have to do something great big, like March on Washington, but the small efforts in your family and community and towns and cities make a huge dent.

If we spend more time defending and saving what we love and less time fighting about what we hate what would our world look like? Think on that.


Change is Coming


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Today we are sitting watching NFL football and reminiscing about our Football team, the Seahawks. It’s been a few years since we haven’t been at a playoff game or had a game to watch during the playoffs. It’s great to be a good team but it takes constant work and effort and dynamic adjustments on many levels. Football is the ultimate team sport. The team has to work together as whole in order to win games and even more work to stay on top.

Football is dynamic in the game and even in-between seasons. Our team, the Seahawks, have seen so many changes. We’ve seen a lot stay the same as well. But if things that are dynamic and things that are static don’t groove together, you struggle. That is what happened this season. This is also what happens over time with relationships and families as well.

So many things are static but yet so many things are dynamic in life. It’s great if your loving the things that don’t change but if you are one who wants to embrace the dynamics of change and live with one who does not it can cause difficulty and struggle. The key is balance in life and football. There will always be change and there will always be things that stay the same. You cannot always affect them, be it to change or keep them the way you want.

We must, in order to be happy, embrace it all. Look for the things you love in every situation. Savor the passing moment as you are not guaranteed to have it again as much as you wish or want to or even try to keep it you will never get it back. It’s always good to remember what works, but realize you may not be able to duplicate it and that is okay. Change is really the only constant in life and change is not constant.

Acceptance, love, appreciation for the good is what we need to focus regardless of it’s what we think we want or need. Search for the good focus on the good enhance the good and put in hard work to affect change in the way you want it to go. If you don’t get the results you want, change is coming so don’t let it get you down!

Here’s to a better you, a better family, and a better football season, in 2018. It will take to perseverance to sustain and faith to change what needs to change.



The Boy’s Birthday

Today is the Boy’s Birthday!!!! He is deciding to stay up until he is “officially” 12…which means 11:56 pm. He came into the world fast! Water broke at 11:27 he was born at 11:56 on a Friday the 13th! Today the girl had a dance competition so they Boy and The Hubs went to dinner with Grandma to celebrate, but waited for us to get home for cake.

He had cheese cake, his request, from last night they were at the grocery store picking up dinner ingredients, he decided he would rather get a store bought cake, than have me make one. He probably was worried I would not have had time to bake a cake by tonight anyway, he would have been right. He said I can bake a cake for his party day! I felt a little sad he didn’t want a cake made by me, but I know he was either looking out for me knowing I didn’t have time or this was him guaranteeing there would be a birthday cake there for him. At least he is learning that in life you make decisions of what you want regardless of if it will hurt your mom’s feelings.

I guess it didn’t hurt my feelings just my ego a little. I love making the kids birthday cakes. It is very time consuming, which time is something I don’t have much of lately. I love that the boy is flexible and not so demanding. For him, cake is cake and spending time with the family and having fun eating cake is what he wants. He’s a good kid! I love his heart and his personality. Here’s to hoping I don’t damage him too much more in the next 6 years and he stays awesome! Happy Birthday Boy, love you!


Perfectly Imperfect

I feel I need to live this quote. A work in progress is okay. The Hubs reminds me everyday that he loves me a lot and thinks the world of me. Even when he is “helping me improve” by telling me what needs work and I feel like he hates me. He is just giving suggestions or, sometimes, complaining and I take it personally. How can I have so many flaws and be a masterpiece? How does he love me as much as he says when he points out things I need to fix. I need to meditate on this quote and let it settle in!

Today was a bummed out Friday. It just started rough. The Hubs and I missed a day 😞 But we’re still even for the year for number of days. I was just in a funk. I didn’t hear my alarm to go workout then the day just kind of tumbled. I was able to get some “Washing Clothes” done. Tonight will be family night and I think I’m gonna pull out the sex games from under the bed to spice it up tonight and make up for yesterday with the Hubs! Gotta recover the day some how.

I had a massage today, it was one of those that just shake you out of your funk. It was a pregnancy massage. I just love working on pregnant Momma’s! There is something about the energy of a pregnant lady! I was much appreciative to have her and her baby belly on my table! So much excitement anticipation and fresh young energy even though the client was my age still it was great!

It kind of recharged me, gave me a little positive energy to take forward in my day. I got all of my “washing clothes” work done after that. I just can’t do house work in a bad mood or in a funk. I know I should power through and I know it would help but, just can’t. Even just after just finishing the dishes I felt much better. I have a pile of boxes to collapse down (some still from Christmas SHUSH, Don’t judge!).

I feel like I want to have a great Pearl of wisdom here today but I don’t. A positive is I am getting writing done before 10pm (it’s 7:30) and I am here again today. My goals still in view. I need to remind myself a work in progress even slow progress is still work and is still progress. Grace for me again today, thanks self!

…and did I mention tomorrow is the Boy’s birthday and I haven’t done anything! He and the Hubs are at the store buying ingredients for his birthday cake and favorite meal (Mac N Cheese) right now…

Perfectly Imperfect is a phrase I have used to describe cakes I’ve made in the past so that’s what I am going to embrace as my motto.


Take Risks


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10:49 and just now writing…ugh, I will get better at this! Today was busy BNI, then teeth cleaning, one to one with a colleague from BNI, the doctors appointment, run errands for the Girls dance competition, board meeting then home to cook dinner at 8:00…it was a busy but productive day.

Today on Facebook a friend of mine posted about taking risks. In my business I am about to make some changes and possibly take on a risk. It seems like a great business move if we can iron out a few details. I would work from home still part time but have an office to see clients from referring Chiropractor who needs someone to refer to. Will have to figure out details like rent etc…I love my work but the “business” side of things is always the stickler.

Because it’s so late I will leave you with this:

Keep reaching for your goals. If you have slipped up, reset and start over! My goals are still in tact, or have been reset. My Chinese herbs I take have been reset and I will be resetting my diet. Still dry January, I need a couple loads of laundry to catch up, but my sex number is still higher than the day of the year. I want to write more and make more time for it and exercise!


XXX-You Get and O!-XXX


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Give her an orgasmHappy Hump Day! I am still working on getting writing in my schedule before the end of the night! Once again today here I am at 10:03. Anyway update from yesterday it was a bit of a downer but later in the day after the couch sucked me in for the morning in the evening I went for a 3 mile run and felt much better. I didn’t want to stop and I wanted to go again today however schedule did not allow it! I went running in the evening and it was dark and I survived. We have a nice well lit running/walking trail along the water downtown so I felt pretty safe down there! So there I know I go in the dark and be safe. There is nothing like a runners high!

Well actually yes there is the feeling you get from an Orgasm that leads me to the Hump Day Challenge for today the first of 2018 (since we started SLCW Monday). Todays challenge is to get to the big “O” this may sound strange if you and your partner are always on the same page and orgasm together every time and are both as satisfied as the other. I love sex with The Hubs. He is great at taking time on me to make sure I get off and enjoy what we are doing. However as we get older and busier and life happens my mind gets side tracked and my body doesn’t always respond the way it should. I am pretty sure I am not the only one. So sometimes we either fake it, or just let our partner know the body is not working so go ahead and finish so we can get to sleep or because the longer you are taking the more stressed you are about it and just want to satisfy your lover and give him what he deserves for all the effort he is putting in.

So today you must fuck your partner until you both come! Remember it is not a rule that you come at the same time or even the same way. Some women cannot orgasm with intercourse. Some need your tongue to get the wetness flowing and a little G-spot stimulation to finishe the deed. While others need to self stimulate or many other combinations of those and many other methods. Remember for women the biggest sex organ is her brain, the one that won’t shut down counting chores that she needs to do and trying to remember what she needed at the grocery store. Give her permission to stop thinking.

Men are usually the easier sex to SEX. Some men however need a little more as well. Oral goes a long way, so does dirty talk. Tell him how hard and how big he is and how great he feels inside you. Let him see you! Visual stimulation is huge for men much more than women so if he needs help leave the light on! Feel free to move around positions places to allow him to fuck you, positions and even if he needs to give some self stimulation today’s hump day goal is for both to have orgasm while you’re fucking each other but that may not mean there is no self stimulation. Remember there are no rules! Anything goes as long as you both Get Off!

Cheers to your “O”!