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Today is PeeWee Game Day! The Boy’s team did so well. They did not come out with the win, however, they also did not lose either! It ended in a 0-0 tie! And that is after overtime! I don’t know how to react! I was so proud of them on the field when they played. They were all so tough and did so well. That team they played was a good team and they also seemed so much bigger than us. Our boys played their hearts out! They deserved a win. Aside from the fact that they didn’t score any points. I feel kind of dejected though. I don’t want to be all about wins and losses but that is why we play too! It just feels weird.

It's a Tie Our team is a young new team aside from the 5 or 6 that have played before. The coaches have done a great job with these kids and they have all put their hearts out there and most have over played their experience level! While, other kids still are at the point of not know where to go when they go out on the field to take over for the position they are assigned. It is rough but most of those returners have been playing since they were 5 together and they really are stepping up as leaders and pulling their team up with them and are turning this team into a team to not be overlooked! Can we win in this tough division with this new team and our small size and just the heart that these boys exude while out there on the field? I think if we get a few more boys playing to their hearts potential it is a possibility.

This game is about heart. It is about hard hitting, fast running and strategy too but it is mainly heart! Skill and play calling help but you can’t do it without heart! A parent mentioned that The Boy has the heart just like his daddy and I think that is one of the best compliments anyone could give to the Hub’s! The boy has heart he plays hard and takes on kids bigger than him and rolls with it. He has not been off the field for injury and hasn’t let his emotions overtake his ability to play. He has gotten angry a time or two and had a penalty for it today but he was being held every single play and when he tried to bump the guy on his shoulder pads he missed and got his helmet, not hard but any time a ref sees another player hit a helmet he has to call the personal foul. Apparently the same is not true for holding or mauling a guy on Defense but oh well. Sometimes you have to outplay the refs!

It feels weird but we did good and I am proud of how our team played and how the Hub’s has coached his team to be. He is a great coach I am proud of him and his team. Go Wolfpack!

Now I have to go rest up, as a day of football drains me and I have to work tonight at the bar for a special event. Nap time for this exhausted football momma! I love my boys. Oh btw, The Girl got her Point Shoes today. I feel like I missed a milestone in her dance career by not being there while she was getting fit but her aunt took some pictures and I will be at the next one! She is a beautiful dancer and growing up way to fast, but I love watching her grow and I love watching them both do what they love!

I am one proud mommy today!