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Last night was 90’s night at our favorite bar. They did this last year as well and it was a blast. This year was fun too. I love hearing bands play songs from my teenage and young adult years! Brings back very fond memories. We met up with some friends and just let our hair down and relaxed. Our friends have a baby and they don’t get out much but we had a blast!

We acted and felt like we were “22” to quote TSwift. It was a bunch if fun I have a few bruises I don’t remember getting and I cut my foot in a broken bottle, but other than that no worse for the wear! I kind of need a Weekend to recover from this weekend, we went out Friday for just a reboot the two of us, the tonight we had a birthday celebration for another friend.

I so love these weekends. Fun times, no drama with great people…friends who are family. I needed this!