Hello blog family! If you are reading this you may be one of the followers who have been missing me! I apologize for my lack of keeping up. I am trying to figure out my schedule and get back to blogging regularly. It has been a struggle these last few weeks. I love my blog I love being the person I can be here. No judgements no holding back just raw real Ruby is what you get!

The last few weeks life has been rough. Just like yours I assume everyone’s has! Between business owning, house cleaning (that never looks clean) and remodeling a bathroom, being a mom and Massage Therapist, Coaching and a slew of other things life has been…Life!

I’ve struggled recently toiling over what people think of me and to that I say Fuck it! I am Ruby I will be who I want when I want and I am not always the same crazy drinking swearing lady you read here, sometimes I’m a caring sweet mommy or a sexy wife or a prudishness dance coach, a professional and many other things depending on the hat I’m wearing! That’s my choice and  my decision. I am going to appreciate that and love it and own it! You should too Be You!