Happy Thursday! I am really not sure what I am going to write about today! So I will just vomit words on this page and see where I go. Today I went to the office and started training on the new system! I am so excited about going back to work. When I got there the receptionist working said she was glad I was coming back. Then later the office manager who works part-time came in and said she was glad I was back too. The Doc said “yay, we’re back together” It felt so good to be missed! The way it feels when your kids run to you when you come home from work! Or should I say, the way they run to the Hubs when he comes home from work. I don’t come home from work so I don’t get that feeling!

Tonight is a football board meeting. I am finishing up Wrestling team mom, am in full swing as Baseball Team Mom. I am the football Equipment Manager and it is time to order for next year! I am feeling like I am doing well at being organized. I have a list of topics to discuss at the meeting tonight regarding the Equipment Department ect. There is a lot going on in the youth sports world here.

Tomorrow is day one of a dance convention weekend AND It is the Hubs’ Birthday! I am big on Birthdays and I try to make my husband and kid’s birthdays super special for them. It is kind of hard to do that for the Hubs when the Girl is competing her (already award winning) solo in the 10 o’clock hour. What a great Birthday gift it would be for another Platinum and a win! We’ll see. I think the Girl and I would be more impressed than the Hubs. His parents are coming to watch the girl dance so we will all go out for a Birthday Dinner and I will try to make him feel special as best as I can. Next weekend we will celebrate his birthday here in town and with our friends! I am hoping to plan a weekend away with him soon to have so good “birthday sex”. It is never too late to have birthday sex! However, Birthday sex is tough when sharing a hotel room with the kids so it will definitely be late Birthday Sex.

InsecurityThe Hubs doesn’t even know if he is going to come to the Hotel. He doesn’t think spending time at a hotel and convention center for a dance competition is how he wants to spend his birthday. I am trying to be okay with him not coming. I don’t want him to come if he doesn’t want to because that is no fun for any of us! But I am feeling nervous or crazy head about it. It’s my insecurity. I am afraid he will have more fun without me and not want me anymore!What if some evil pretty girl lures him to go home with her (he has never cheated on me or anything just crazy head girl stuff that goes through my head, don’t lie this is a mild crazy head thought) It’s not that I don’t trust him it is just that crazy head girl stuff. There is no reason for me to not trust him and if he is driving (which he will be he hates cabs) he won’t be drinking too much to lose all inhibitions! But it still goes through my head! I know that makes him upset, he doesn’t understand. It is nothing against him, it is just my crazy head. It is insecurity, I wish I could tame it better! But yes, my stuff not his!

Am I the only one who gets that crazy head stuff? It is not just him going out that I get crazy head, if he doesn’t get off work on time I am always worried he is in a ditch or bad crash. It’s not that I don’t want him to have fun without me. It’s just that I don’t want to miss something. I don’t want him to have more fun with out me. If he has more fun without me he may decide he would rather not be with me. I know this is crazy that is why I said “Crazy Head Girl Stuff” however I don’t think I am the only one who does this crazy head stuff. I don’t think boys are immune to it either. I just think girls say it out loud more and girls will admit it. At least I will admit it.

However I don’t have time to go into it anymore today. Maybe we’ll delve into this Crazy Head Stuff more tomorrow! I have a lot to do!  I need to get to packing for the weekend, cleaning up and then baseball practice, dance class for me and football board meeting and then back home to prepare the cooler and food for the weekend to try to keep costs lower and then a sex and snuggle fest maybe enough to last the weekend if the Hubs decides to stay home. Good Vibes for the Girls solo! And fun to all of us together or apart! That’s what they make phones for right?