The kids opened gifts from their Auntie and Grandparents this morning. My mom came over to watch the kids unwrap their gifts. She likes doing those things. The kids wanted to go visit their Great Gma (the one who they thought they were staying with last week) so they made plans to go visit her for a few days, then we got word the Girl’s suitcase arrived. So we drove to the airport picked up the suit case on the way to Gma Great’s house.


This morning they enjoyed playing with new toys, art kits and trying on new clothes. Now they are at their great Gma’s house for a few days, and the Hubs and I have a couple days of no kid down time… Scratch that, no downtime, Seahawk’s tomorrow, back to work Monday and get the kids Midday Tuesday. But it is a short week and we still know how to enjoy and make the most of non-kid evenings!

So today we opened gifts, played for a but, drove the kids to Seattle and I came back, cleaned the kitchen and now heading out for an adult only evening. I love my kids and had an awesome family vacation but still am looking forward to some adult time!

I love my family! Go enjoy Saturday folks!