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Well, the Seahawks season ended once again in sadness. They had a good season. Not as good as recent seasons, but you can’t always be on top! It is hard to stay on top! I am a true fan! Nothing will waver my fandomness. Our team played well, they never gave up and they finished strong! It is always tough to watch a big comeback that comes up too short.. if they only had more timed or if that one guy didn’tmiss that block or the QB didn’t throw that ball that got intercepted… There is always something. Bottom line is, our team got out matched today in the 60 minutes that they played! I believe we could have won and I know we could have but they didn’t! So I guess we have to wait until next season to see them again!

Go Hawks!

Now, for my family it will be another Star Wars movie night! We are a bit somber here but we are working our way though the old movies and tonight we are on Episode 2. We are going in Machete order which is 4,5,2,3,6 we started with 4 & 5 then last night watched episode 1 so tonight is 2. I am loving these movie nights with the fam. Even with our teams loss we will still salvage a good night tonight!

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