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Today was so much fun!!! The Girl danced at convention she rocked it in master classes this morning! Got called out in Jazz Funk, Musical Theatre she has an opportunity to perform in a video or commercial at Nationals, she just danced beautifully today!

Then the second half of the day her team competed group numbers! She was in 5! The got Golds in everything but the finally broke out and got a Platinum in there second to last number! It was a Contemporary number they we gorgeous! I loved it! I loved them all, actually! I always do! Tomorrow we go back bright and early again for one more day. In the morning she has more master classes and she auditions for scholarships that are presented at the wrap party tomorrow.

We stopped at Sonic on our way home like always and the girl and I are heading home to go to bed. Sonic has been a ritual now on our way home from competition. I am exhausted and I haven’t even been dancing! Go Girl!!! Let’s work it and keep this mojo flowing tomorrow!