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Fuck this shit!


The Hubs and I (mostly the Hubs) cleaned and organized the kitchen and refrigerator today, while I made it through the huge piles of clothes that have been worn for a few hours and discarded on the floor next to our bed. I also made it through the basket of laundry. All the while battling a fever. All I wanted to do was sleep and to stop talking. Talking and coughing hurt so bad. I have put Oils on me all day taken Sudafed and took some breaks laying on the couch only to be interrupted by the Hubs with “Where do you want this to live?”


I hate being sick. When he and the kids get sick I cook for him I ask if he needs anything I rub his forehead and give him kisses. My family does not do that for me. By the end of the evening the Girl was checking my temp and she made me go to bed. Earlier in the day she told me I needed to take a nap but I felt like I was abandoning the Hubs by not also working on the house when he did. Just more Mom guilt! Anyway that’s all the energy I have today! I hope to be better tomorrow I really don’t have time to be sick and can’t afford it!

I have a topic I want to write about even I just don’t have the energy. I need to refocus my blog and my life I feel like I  falling apart!! First step is to get over this crud! Bluh!