Happy Tuesday! Keeping with my Super Bowl/Football type theme week since it is Superbowl week I am going to write on a quote from Marshawn Lynch that he made at a Skittles Press conference:
 “You don’t feel in Beast Mode. It feels you.”
If you are not a fan of football or the Seahawks Beast Mode is Marshawn Lynch when he runs the football he goes Beast Mode. He has a way of stiff arming opposing players and breaking through the traffic of a defense like he is inhuman…hence Beast Mode. In his first Beast Quake, back on January 8, 2011 in the divisional playoffs vs the New Orleans Saints, who were that year the defending Champs, he ran for a 67 yard touchdown that registered on the rector scale. He created a real earthquake we call it the Beast Quake. Marshawn gets in a zone when he is in Beast Mode and he does not stop until he finds the end zone. My fave is when he is in Beast Mode but right before he crosses the goal line he stops to turn and look at the team who couldn’t defeat him and then just walks into the end zone for the score! Gives me chills and a smile just thinking of it. It seems he’s been getting a TD like that at least once a game. Ever since the first Beast quake, they have been placing more and more seismometers around the stadium to monitor the Beast quakes, we even had a Sherm quake in play-offs this year when Richard Sherman got an interception. In the Arizona Cardinals game in AZ during the regular season Marshawn Lynch had another Beast quake type run where he broke multiple tackles and made it to the end zone and he made his famous HMD leap landing on his back flying through the air (The Boys favorite signature move, he has replicated it multiple times landing on my couch, for the record it was minus the infamous crotch grab before all the media and fines from the NFL, my son now includes the crotch grab. (BTW Thanks NFL for drawing attention to something that did not need to be drawn attention to nor should you fine Marshawn Lynch for that and should not fine him for it any time in the future) and my son’s obsession with the Beast Quake leap was revived after the Cardinals game this year.) Beast Mode pep talks after a loss in wrestling gets my son through losses and onto the next match.
So now that we are familiar with Beast Mode and what it is let’s talk about it. In a press conference for Skittles when asked, “what does Beast Mode feel like?” Marshawn Lynch said “You don’t feel in Beast Mode. It feels you.” Let that set in…. You don’t feel in Beast Mode, it feels you. Saying it’s not you, you can’t do it alone. Some may use “Let go and Let God” You can’t strum up to put it out there you have to let go and let Beast Mode over take you. I think that there is a “Beast Mode” in each of us. We don’t have as big of stage as Marshawn Lynch, and I hope he doesn’t take offense to me using this analogy. Don’t get me wrong Beast Mode is larger than life, larger than football, larger than the Seahawks and larger than Marshawn Lynch. Each individuals Beast Mode can come out anywhere you just have to let it out. In order to let Beast Mode take over you have to not be afraid to make a mistake. Fear holds you back. Beast Mode comes out of a dark cavern in your sole, it hides there behind fear and worry and even behind arrogance. It is in a place where not many people see but one day you are called to unleash the Beast, like Lynch, and if you let allow it,  you will score that proverbial epic touchdown. He (along with the whole teammates) took a team that had a loosing record against the champs and gave the 12s inspiration and life and excitement. This one touchdown, maybe didn’t ignite the 12s flame but it sure put gas on the fire and created the current inferno that are the 12s and has not stopped ever since. Since then, we have a Superbowl Championship and millions of Fans wearing Blue and Green tossing Skittles to prove it. Beast Mode found the 12s.
In our daily lives lets work to find our Beast Mode, or let it find you! There is a part of you that you have to let go of. In order to be great you have to let go of the fear that you are not. That fear that tells you you are going to mess up. Go find your Beast Mode. Allow yourself to find that balance of focus and letting go and doing your best without fear of messing up. That is my struggle, I am always afraid or not being great, or afraid of making a fool out of myself. If you want that great job apply for it! How many people never even try for something because they are afraid they won’t make it? What if Micheal Jordan decided not to try out for the Basketball Team again because he thought he wasn’t going to make it again? Don’t do that! Put it out the in the universe that you want it! That, just saying it out loud, in an of itself is powerful! Take the steps to get the promotion or the job or the spot on the team. What if Marshawn Lynch was afraid of being injured again, or played scared?
Marshawn Lynch always goes hard is always ready for Beast Mode to find him. He doesn’t like to talk to the media and sadly he gets fined for it, but when he does he has something great and motivational to say. Those quotes have helped me help motivate my son in a few pep talks. And many others as have been inspired as well. To my son I say “what happens when Lynch fumbles?”…He goes out and goes Beast Mode  until he scores…he is “all about that action boss” So I tell my son, go out there, you have more work to do “show me that action boss!” No matter what, he gets his Otter Pop during half time and snack at the end of the day and a big proud mommy hug no matter what the result. The boy can that boy unleash the Beast, we are in wrestling season right now and he would scare me to go against on that mat, I wouldn’t want to face him. In football season he may be one of the smallest but is not afraid to cover the biggest kid! (Marshawn’s mom gave him Skittles, I do Otter Pops, my boy also gets skittles when he scores a touchdown. And sorry a little bit of a proud mommy rant)
I am going to let go of  timid and scared Ruby today and search for and be open for Beast Mode Ruby today and everyday! That Championship mind set!
I am looking forward to media day today at the Superbowl! Can’t wait to see my team bring it on this Sunday and watch Beast Mode! When you watch the Super Bowl look for that signature Beast Mode run the the walk into the end zone. Maybe we will even get to see a Beast Quake touchdown. But the crotch grab will have to be handled by the fans since the NFL thinks it’s so vulgar! We will have a family “Grab You Junk Photo” in support of Beast Mode!
I am going to get my Beast Mode on today!