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This is Dance show week! Tomorrow is Dress Rehearsal! I have 4 massages in my “day job” and I am volunteering to wrangle dancers backstage and dancing in the show. Busy weekend ahead of me! I am excited to see both my kids in stage! I hope I get to see at least a few of their numbers! The Boy’s especially since I haven’t seen him dance!


I am looking forward to my dance. I am kind of bitter since I feel like my part of the dance doesn’t showcase all of my abilities as a dancer (I have kind of a boring part) but I feel this dance like no other. I get the music and moves and it flows out of me! I am excited for my chance to be on stage too! I hope the Hubs sits and watches all of us and is proud of his little dance family! At least his hot wife up on stage!

Anyway it has been a busy long day! Tomorrow will be busier and longer! Gotta plan a crock pot dinner or something… I want to go to bed tomorrow happy and excited for Saturday not stressed and frazzled and that is going to take some planning! I can do it! This is where I get to make my “supermom” mark! Kill it Ruby!!!