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11751443_10206737364659990_8453626943678975642_nThe kids came home today! I worked an 8 hour shift at the bar subbing for another bartender. It was kind of slow first thing this morning then about 2-3 hours before I got off it picked up and was pretty busy until I left. It was a fun day but I really do wish I was with the kids and the Hub’s. The Hub’s went to pick up the kids from their Great Grandma. It was so nice to have them home! The break was nice too. Even though I was super busy the whole time!!!!!

When I got home we tried out the new smoker box that the Hubs bought off Amazon this week. He purchased a smoker box attachment to put in the BBQ. He and the kids went to the store and bought steak, chicken, salmon and shrimp along with some potatoes, carrots, and apples to put on Kabobs to cook with the smoker in the BBQ. He also purchased some Mesquite smoker chips that flavored up the kabobs so nicely! We had some extra veggies that we grilled up to snack on while the kabobs cooked. It was so yummy!

It was a great way to spend the evening! We all worked together cooking. The Girl and I cut up and the Boy helped us put the kabobs together on the skewers. The Hub’s got the smoker installed and put the food on the grill. What better or more American way of celebrating family being together than by cooking and eating great food together? We are now in the back yard (it was a hot day here and we are enjoying the cooler evening now) they are throwing around the football. I love having the giggles back in my yard and in my life tonight!

Quote of the night “are you gonna catch it or just laugh Knucklehead?”