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So ns1vlcsm I left the house this morning to go to Seahawks Football training camp without my phone or a camera! The photo queen here had no camera! I made the Hub’s take one selfie of the two of us with his phone but promised that was the only one he would have to take. So I have nothing from practice today to post to my blog! Which bums me out a bit. I will see if I can search google for a good shot or maybe I will just have to post a random football photo. (How do you like this Vince Lombardi quote?)

Right now the Hubs and the Boy are in the backyard throwing the football around. The boy is in his full football gear, getting used to catching with his gear on. At football camp last week at the local high school he was catching passes pretty well, even intercepting throws. I feel like since All-Stars baseball he has really started to focus on being athletic. I am quite proud! It is so fun when you start to see the kids taking their sports seriously and trying to not only follow the coaches guidance but trying to get better! I think The Boy is right there doing just that! It is so fun to watch and I hope this year our team will be a blast. (It depends on the new kids and lots of other things.) I am ready for a lengthened by playoffs season but I just hope to have a team that kids and parents are out there to have fun, work hard and enjoy the game that I love so much! And that my husband puts so much love and time and effort into.

Today I got to watch my favorite pros back in action and tomorrow I get to watch my favorite Pee Wee and favorite Pee Wee coach! It is a great time of year for sure! As equipment manager I have a lot of work fitting kids in their gear, the kids who’s parents didn’t bring them to gear check out yesterday and those who signed up late! It is a lot of work but really a labor of love. I hope to have nice people who are patient and not to be sabotaged by the Executive board any more this year to get these kids outfitted well and safely!!!!

In the mean time I hope to have some time for the Hub’s and I to have some fun and couple time together in the midst of all of this work and volunteering and coaching and all! Sex Love and Washing clothes everyday!

Is football Love or Washing Clothes? ….it depends on the Day!