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IMG_20160310_205252398Good news, the Hub’s feels better today. He said his back is still bothering him a bit but as the day went on he said it felt better. I hope it is nothing major, we’ll wait and see how it goes.

Since we missed date night and needed to run a few errands we snagged Gma to come and watch the kids for a bit so we could go out and have a date! Even though we are going away for the weekend we needed to get out! So we decided to go to the local sex superstore and look around. A while back, I believe, I left my Butt Plug at a hotel we stayed in this fall. So we decided it was time to replace it. This time I went for a baby blue sparkle. I have missed that thing. I enjoy me some DP is nice every now and then!

Then it’s time to grab a beer at the Taproom. I am drinking a Black and Red which is an Irish Stout on top of a Red Ale. It pretty good. Time to enjoy the Hub’s and our date! Then later we can try out our new purchases we also bought some new types of lube from Jo Premium. Will share my findings about those in the future!

Have a great night folks! On the schedule for tomorrows blog: getting ready for travel and traveling this weekend! Yay!