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dream big work hardYesterday was a dance competition day. The Girl’s team does this competition every year and the Girl decided this year not to do her solo there. The last two years she has performed her solo and had the best run of the year and her score did not reflect it. She does very technical dances that are full of hard technique and some fun flashy tricks. But this competition seems to award easy routines to the kids who make the biggest faces and perform way over the top. Which sometimes it is fun and refreshing to see someone getting awarded for trying hard and performing well, but if you have a hard routine and execute and perform it well but the girl who has a bigger smile and flashy facials but drops props and doesn’t land one turn it gets old. I give the Girl credit for standing strong in her desire to not be offended  “I am not Bubble Gum Disney Pop Princess dance style that they like better, and they don’t understand my deeper sophisticated more mature dance routines” Good on her Fuck them and enjoy not taking my money! We know she is better than a score and that we don’t want to define her that way so she just decided to avoid the disappointment. She still danced with her team for the group numbers. She had fun and was not even a bit sad that she wasn’t doing her solo. I was. But I am happy to have only had to go to the competition one day this weekend. It was so nice!

She had a full day of competition dances 5 group dances spread out between 9am to 8:30 pm, the Hubs and the Boy went to the Cadillac dealership to see about getting the ATS-V that the Hubs has been wanting for a while now. They had one in the showroom that was a Crystal Frost White a matte finish pearl white color! It is beautiful. The Hubs sent me a text at some point and said “Guess who’s buying a car?” I was pretty excited. When I saw it for the first time a few months ago I fell in love with the color. The Hubs was not as fond of the color as I was but he loved that it had the racing package and cool car guy stuff and that it did not have a sunroof. He is tall and sunroofs really intrude on the space that his head takes up.

Bottom line it was a great day of dance and the Hubs finally got his car! Even though it is my car. I named her Pearl she is a beauty! The Hubs has wanted a different color but this one is one sexy car.Pearl I don’t normally like white cars or matte finish but the pearl Cadillac white with that finish I was just drawn to it! So gorgeous! I am happy to be able to help the Hubs get this car. This is the reason I went back to work over a year ago. I know the Hubs loves cars and loves fast cars and loves to be able to have something to touch that he can look at and say “this is what I work hard for” So I am happy to be able to help to give that to the Hubs, because he has given me and the kids so much! We will have so many fun times with this car I am looking forward to it!

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy cars. The right car can create so many memories and those can provide happiness. Work hard it pays off! Enjoy what you have and remember where you came from and how hard you worked for it. Then appreciate it, take care of it and be proud of what you accomplished!