Happy Monday! I had a great weekend!  A two a day on Sunday, YAY!
Today is the first day back to normal school year schedule! I have made breakfast and packed lunches for the Hubs and both kiddos.  I vacuumed before I took the kids to school! Then I came home, turned on the computer and purged emails, in one email account.  That took almost an hour OMG. Am I the only one who kind of hoards emails? I am so interested in so many things but don’t have time to go check out the newsletter or even read the emails but I keep them to go back to later, and don’t always, ok almost never get back to them. I just found the “delete all from this sender” and I can even set it to automatically delete certain emails from each particular sender after 10 days or there are a few other options too. If I don’t get to it by then it is not that important, right?  I could also block what I don’t want anymore, such and exciting feature without having to go to the website to unsubscribe 🙂 … I know this may not at all be interesting but for me this was a big deal to accomplish.  I only have two other emails accounts (AH!), I don’t think the others are not as bad…yet. 
Next on my agenda today is organizing and purging my kitchen. I joined a 14 week organizational group to help give me direction.  They send me an email each week (one reason I purged my email account, so I don’t miss it) that gives me instructions.  This week is Kitchen.  One of the steps is to take everything out of the cabinets and purge, clean the cabinet shelves and reorder things if needed and put them away. This scares me! Taking everything out may be overwhelming, but I am giving it a go.  It is a means to an end as the Hubs said this morning when I texted him about the process.  He knows me and knows I get overwhelmed. I know him and know that coming home to clutter is stressful so I wanted to check in with him weather I should do small amounts to keep up with it each day or if I should jump in with both feet and tackle it, even if the mess is bigger before it gets completed which may not be for a couple days. He said take all the stuff out so I can see everything I have and get rid of doubled up stuff and/or broken or miss matched like Tupperware with no lids.  He said he will understand it is a means to an end.  
Texting the husband was a good thing and a big step because if he came home to a big pile of clutter all over the table he may have a tendency to stress out. Then we may get into an argument which would lead me to make an excuse not to do it so that I wouldn’t cause conflict and/or stress him out in the process. He is aware of what I am trying to accomplish so now. So he won’t need to stress about why or what is going on, he knows what I am doing and now can support me in the process instead of the obligatory wonder of “what does she do all day”. There will be growing pains of the process in the form of a bigger mess, but he is primed to support now and I am excited to accomplish this task! 
Why have I not figured this out before? Or why have I been so afraid to say it out loud.  I guess I just think he should just “know” but how is he supposed to if I don’t tell him. It is amazing what honesty and directness and openness will do. It is amazing what doing this blog has done for me and my confidence and my ability to be direct and not shy away from confronting issues. I think this is having an affect on me that I did not expect and it’s not just to be more sexual.  It has made my comfort zone bigger.  I am more comfortable with speaking my mind and putting my truth out there! And it is only January 5. It hasn’t even been hard confronting these few things the last few days. It has felt natural to speak out and be direct.  I am loving it, I hope he is too. Well, I know that he is enjoying at least parts of it, wink wink. There are just some unexpected exciting things happening on more than a physical level here, and it is amazing!  I am so excited to watch my life change this year! Breaking out of my comfort zone, are you?