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Today is/was my dad’s birthday. He today would’ve been 76 years old. If you didn’t know my dad past away January 2000 from a brain tumor from Metastasized Lung Cancer. I miss my dad a lot. I’m sad for so many things I have done that he never got to see.

He did not get to see the Girl ever. She was so pretty when she was born. She is getting g ready to start Jr High in September. I have shed a few tears in the last few days after the last elementary assembly where she was awarded a Global Thinker and Caring award as well as a Presidential Award for Academic Excellence. How did she turn out so good? I am so proud. He never got to meet her or the Boy.

I know he would be proud and I know he was in a lot of pain from his illness when he died. However, I can’t help but be sad that I don’t have a Dad who can see what I have become and what my children have become and be proud and then he would tell me. I know, selfish.

I am going to do my best to not leave my family early, and do my best to take in every moment. I am never sad for passing moments and milestones with my kids, I am proud of them and I try to be there to take it a in. You can slow down or turn back time. You can only enjoy the moment while it is here. Right now, I am enjoying it all. Life is crazy and busy and sometimes turned upside down but I love every minute. Without passing of time you don’t have memories to sit back and be fond of. I love my family, I live my life. I am proud of my kids. As well as proud of my husband and and I for staying out of the way enough for them to have turned out pretty well!

I miss my dad, but I know everything about him even him dying when I was 21 has shaped me to be the person I am. I miss him I am sad my kids could never meet him, but I am happy I had him for 21 years and Thankful for him.