How are your 2015 goals doing? Did you really set out goals for 2015? It is the third week in January, Thursday. We are only 3 weeks into this year that is about 5.7% into 2015. It seems like it has been forever since New Years Day. So much has happened. The Oregon Ducks won the Rose Bowl and a spot in the National Championship and then lost that game. The Seahawks played in and won two play off games including a second in a row NFC Championship Game. The Boy has wrestled in 4 matches won 8 and lost 3 bouts, 4 or 5 of them he has pinned for the win. The girl has finished her competition solo and her costume has arrived it is gorgeous and she is more gorgeous dancing in it. I have had my first ever official migraine (sucked) and I have gone most of these 22 days of January without alcohol and carbs and sugar (I got two waiver days for Playoff games and a few quick bites that no one will ever know). The Hubs starts his apprentice class that he teaches next week and has an instructor meeting tonight. The Hubs and I had a great start and then had our first fight last weekend but are still in a better spot than ever. Our kids have spent a weekend with Grandma Great and one with Gram and Gramps. We have had the Boy’s birthday party and sent kids home because he was puking so we will do it again this weekend. The Girl has had the disappointment of stupid 10 year old girls who can only be friends with once person at a time and had her sleepover with her bestie canceled due to her brother being sick. Point is 2015 is in full swing and the “New Year” feeling has faded into the normalness of real life. Right?

So how are we doing? Sex Love and Washing Clothes was, no IS my goal. The Hubs and I have kept up on our part of the sex everyday! I have not exactly kept up the washing clothes everyday, but I have not given up. I love everyday with my whole heart. Even when it doesn’t seem like it I am making decisions out of love, love for my family, my cause, school, sport, kids, teachers, husband family etc…even if in reluctance I make every decision for the love of something! It happens about this time maybe sooner, every year the “New Year” feeling fades. The excitement of that “change feeling” wears off, the desire for change fades. Our motivation fades sometimes moment after we see a great inspiring presentation. In the moment of that presentation we were captured with hope and inspiration! Then reality sets in we have to be home to take the kids to practice and make dinner in 20 minutes and you forgot to take out the chicken from the freezer….So we end up falling back into our rut that we intended to get out. That feeling of being in a rut is what gave us the original desire for change, and there we go right back into it!

Yes that is what happens when life gets in the way! Ruts are hard to get out of they are easy to just follow along and get pulled wherever they lead. There have been days this year (in only 22 days) that I have wanted to say “Fuck It” I am throwing in the towel everyday for a whole year is too long! Obviously I kind of have done that with the whole cleaning thing but I have refocused and continue to try to make new strides everyday. But the first word in this blog is not cleaning for a reason. It is sex, and that department we have stayed to the course everyday! I really do love sex with the Hubs and he does too, so that makes it much easier. So it really is not hard, in theory, to keep doing it because obviously sex is fun, but we all know that we want to just go to sleep sometimes especially when tired or sick or have a rib injury (yes, I have an NFC Championship game war wound and just laying down hurts). I have stuck it out because I committed and I want to see what it does if I actually keep a resolution? (Should I use that word?) Has that ever happened? That anyone has kept a resolution?! EVER?! I have 22 days and counting!

Piggy backing on yesterdays post stop letting life get in the way and steal your passion! Stop being a nay sayer and giving in! You can keep the passion and inspiration! You can do it AND get the family fed dinner and get the kids to practice on time! It just takes determination, dedication and desire (and a maybe little planning depending on your goal)! Do you really have desire for change in your life? Routine and ruts are easy, even if you don’t like them. If you have been doing it that way for a while you have to go through the change and sometimes it causes what I refer to as growing pains. I have quit so many diets, workout programs and organization projects and even jobs because of said growing pains. But, this year in 2015 I plan to push through! It’s kind of like going through hell to get to something better. There is a country song that says “if you’re going through hell keep on going. You might get out before the devil even knows your there”. So, keep going until you create a new routine that includes the positive changes, it may even be easy one day! At the end of 2014 you set out to accomplish something in 2015 you said that you would do it on New Years Eve! You were inspired by stories of accomplishments of 2014 and probably stories of failures in 2014 so let’s do 2015 better. Maybe you were inspired by the Champagne or the Ducks or Ohio States win on New Years Day. Regardless something inspired you hold onto that inspiration don’t ever let it go!

Those Chinese lanterns we sent off on New Years Eve, went up and kept going, none of them turned to you and said that is too hard or too much! We had dreams and plans and desire and maybe unrealistic expectations but let’s make those reality with the work we put in this WHOLE year!!!! Never give up on those dreams! 2015 is 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days. It has only been 22 days, you still have time you can still get on track don’t give up!