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Today we went to the Seahawks Family Fest event at the stadium! We took the ferry over and saw so many boats. Sail boats especially caught my eye. The Hubs loves to sail. I so wish I could get him a sail boat. I said “that will be us in a few years on our boat” and deflated he said “yeah when the kids are gone!” I so wish I could get him a boat.

There have been moments that I have considered selling the house and buying a boat. His parents did that and they survived!

For now we have the travel trailer we will camp when we have time and dream about one day sailing away! One Day (sing it One Day-ay-ay…) It is tough being adults and having kids and keeping up with everything. We need an escape, that’s why I run. That would be why the Hubs would sail!

I am going to put serious consideration in buying that boat…could we live on a boat? Would we kill each other or would it draw us closer. Maybe we could rent out our house for a year or so and try it out. We would be close enough to keep an eye on our renters and there are parks close to where we would moor the boat. It is close to the football field and closer to dance. This may be my house on the water solution. Hhmmmm I am game to try it, wonder what the Hubs would say?

Anyway, in life you can’t have it all and you can’t do it all. We have to make decisions to love the life we live and/or live the life we love. Is there a difference between those things? Sometimes I think yes but really I don’t think so. It can be one in the same. Everyone has to make sacrifices. We all should choose to make what’s important a priority in our lives and not let non important things take over or ruin our lives. Pick our battles and have good attitudes everyday there are things to be thankfuk for and happy about and as many things to the opposite it is all about perspective!

Live the live you lead!