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Today was a good day! We had a fun time drafting for our couples league for fantasy football. We got a group together of old friends. So much fun. We all used to know eachother 15 years ago! The Hubs used to play on a softball team together with the husbands who came over! It was fun to get everyone back together.

I love our friends. Now we have little kids (and some not so little kids) running around and making friends with each other! These events and the plans that we ‘parents’ make together are what creates and molds the futures of our children’s memories! We are talking about planning a camping trip over Thanksgiving weekend.


We will make memories our kids I’ll make memories and it will create memories like the one my husband made on boating teiosnwith his parents and I made at church camp as a kid. Our kids have Daddy’s softball games and camping with mommy and Daddy’s friends and days at our friends house who lives on the lake. And the ones like they are making now at Grandma and Grandpa’s house!

Families shaoe our lives. Not to get heavy about it but our kids lives start and they will forever carry memories around about their parents and parents friends from the nights they spend watching us do our thing! Do we make them proud, do we make them laugh? Do they say “I can’t wait until I have friends like that” or “I will never do that” or do they just enjoy themselves and play in the moment of playing?

Just something to think about!