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Today was a rough one! Between the aftermath of yesterday and the new events of today and my car being in the shop and the reality that we have to pay for it tomorrow… Just a rough day in this thing called life!

The kids were at home with a babysitter and were in the hot tub then when it was time for them tonight then cover down they didn’t know how and reefed on it and broke the cover lifter and ripped the hot tub cover! Babysitter never called to ask for help or direction. It is frustrating to leave your kids at home with a sitter and not know what is going to be broken when you get back. She nor the kids never called to ask for help. That is why I have a cell phone! So frustrating.


My car is finished in the shop tomorrow. A new clutch, fly wheel and thermostat that they noticed was leaking when they torn it all apart. I just hope they fixed it right! It will be nice to have my car back I missed her! I love the truck but really I prefer to drive my Saab. Just $3000+ and it will good as new I hope! Just in time for us to get a new ATSV… Typical, you put a grip of money in a car just to buy a new one!

But all of this, that’s life. It sucks sometimes. Everything you do to make sure everything is taken care of and then something breaks and it isn’t even your fault, just your bill.

Stress management… That is the lesson of the day!