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Awe FUCK!!! I didn’t make it on before yesterday turn into today and tomorrow is now today…what…. to do this post. Have I told you I have been busy! I need to get my life situated and plan ahead and schedule so I get everything done!!! I am so frustrated and feel like a failure everyday because one thing or another is not done the way I wanted or the way it was “suppose” to be!

Anyway, today was July 3. I stupidly forgot or didn’t realize that the Hubs had the day off so of course I had a full massage day scheduled! I hate working when everyone else in the fam is holiday-ing! Oh well it was a good day.

We are in a camping trailer at the in-laws and as I frantically try to post, before I go to sleep and “today” is officially over, the Hubs is molesting me while I try to type! It is July everyday challenge!! It is tough to do anything because the kids are here too we have to wait for them to fall asleep so they don’t notice the trailer rocking! đŸ˜‰ they are almost there!

Happy End of Friday (some would call Saturday) but I am on the “this day doesn’t end until I go to sleep” mode. So my #Everyday2015 is still in tack!

Have a great night sleep good!

I was originally going to post Fuck this shit I give up but I wanted to not be so negative, however I came across this photo quote! I like it for today