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Happy Tuesday! What a busy day! I had 4 massages watched the Hubs play softball and then the kids brought home friends for a sleepover since the teachers are on walk out tomorrow, protesting the state not funding smaller class sizes. It is interesting how many people are against the teacher walk out. I am in full support the same way I am in support of any worker walking out in protest of poor working conditions. For some reason some people think teachers should put up with the state legislature funding raises for themselves and funding jails and road work but not education. Yes I know there are only so many funds to go around and we all have to pay our taxes to fund the state business but I do believe that the state legislature has the duty to fund education at a higher level than they are currently. Every worker has the right to walk out or strike to protest their working standards, I hope the right people notice the teachers taking a stand and start looking at funding our schools in a way that the teachers can teach more effectively. Don’t even get me started on standardized testing! I am not opposed to the strike or walk out or whatever it is called I hope they get what they need because teachers getting what they need means better education for our kids in public schools! Public schools should be a priority!

With that said I am having to get a sitter for tomorrow because of my flakey-ness I said I could work tomorrow at the bar to start my training as a bartender! So I have my niece coming over to watch the kids and their friends. Luckily both kid’s friend will be getting picked up at the same time. In other news I am now the only Massage Therapist at my office. So I will be working at the Chiropractic office doing massage Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (9-3) and then bartending who knows when… I went from being a stay at home mom with a blog to tell stay at home mom’s we’re enough, to having two hobby jobs and blogging too, ironic right? Right. I think I should just hire my house keeper now and prep for many nights of butt sex due to the house work not getting done! Or maybe I just need to teach my family to fold their own clothes and vacuum and to shut up about it!

This happens all the time to me. I go from not having enough to keep me busy/happy to finding projects (jobs) to do and then I end up having too much to do. I am trying to keep perspective and remember to enjoy my life and live it to it’s fullest. For now I will see where the Bartending and Massage go and how I do with both and if my family still loves me while I am busy the way they love me when I am not! If all goes well we will have a leg up when we do decide to buy the Hub’s the new car he wants for me! And our house on the water in a few years. I am cautiously optimistic with my new adventures! I think it will be great. The Hubs and I are in a good spot, the kids are older and can help out around the house more and it is almost summer so they really can help out around the house. I am going to be paying really close attention to home life so not to overwhelm the good stuff with me working too much.

Here’s to sending the boy to camp, buying the hubs a new car and maybe even sneak in Nationals too! All while not loosing our family connection! Loving the excitement of our new adventures!