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Happy Monday! Today was my first official day working at the office! I am so glad to be back I love that my “boss” is happy to have me back too. It is nice to be missed and be welcomed back. I had 3 massages today! It was a great day! I am so happy to be restarting this journey working at this Chiropractic office! I love it there! I feel like I am home.Monday frest start

There are always growing pains. Since I left this office they have implemented a new charting system. With macros and computer stuff! I need to write my own macros, I guess. I cannot decipher those of the other massage therapist’s. So I got the info to get into the system to watch video tutorials to write my own. I am hoping to maybe go in tomorrow and do that since I have no appointments on the books as of yet. I was a little scared and overwhelmed that I was going to mess something up today! I have done my job, as a massage therapist, for 16 years and every new location I am a little nervous, today was no different. I don’t know why they basically begged me to come back. I wasn’t nervous about my massage, I was nervous about the charting program. Which was not as hard as I thought but was much harder than it should be because there are these little macros and hot buttons that are set up by the other LMP. She put her notes on hot buttons and she and I must not chart the same way. I will learn how to write these new ones and get my system in and it will be easy peasy. I am not worried.

Today being Monday makes it a great day to start this new journey! I am so excited. On top of my office job, my friend who is a bartender is trying to get me to apply for the job for Friday night late shift bartender. I have always kind of wanted to be a bartender (well, since I started drinking and enjoying cocktails at about the age of 30) I think it would be fun. But also I think it may seem more fun than it actually is. I would sign up right away if the Hubs would promise to be there with me every Friday night! Maybe they could hire him as the security bouncer for Fridays….there is so much about that that seems awesome and so much that sounds so wrong! Bar-tending on a Friday night if busy I could make $200 or more in tips. Not to mention I would work with one of my super cute fun friends. Just think even if I made $100 in tips that would cover dance tuition for the month or the car payment for the car we are wanting to buy in the spring. It may burn us (or me) out though but there is a big part of me that thinks one night a week, Easy Peasy. Lot’s of things going on in my head could this be our financial answer for the car, dance, extra cash a fun adventure for Friday nights…. Maybe it is too good to be a good thing. You have to deal with drunk people, liquor license, checking IDs, small town issues in small bars, over serving…. and the list goes on….

Somethings to think about… I love being a massage therapist and I think I am good at it. I love being a mom. I don’t NEED a bar-tending job but I could have one night a week make an easy hundred bucks…. IDK sounds too good to be true, probably because I am not a bartender. I like to drink cocktails. I like to try new things and I think I would like creating new drinks too. I think it would be fun. The owner of said bar and I were talking one night about me trying to do a dance thing where I would teach/lead dance routines similarly to a Zumba type class. My idea would be to do a “group dance routine” or two at the top and bottom of each hour. I used to teach Zumba so it would be similar to that. I could do that in between slinging drinks. Ooh and to top it off the shift I would work would be 9-2 so the kids would basically be in bed already or we could drop them off at Grandma’s on the way to the bar. Hmmm maybe fun, for a while anyway! I would love to help my friends who owns the bar get some more consistent business in there on Friday nights also.

I have another friend who is slinging mascara and I am considering joining her team as well. I am already doing this Essential Oils Business with Young Living. I am planning to focus on it more to increase my “team” but I am not a good sales person and I don’t really know where to go. I am planning on doing some more training in the EO world and my team leader has published some recent what to do at each “level” of team membership/leadership. I have some new team members that are excited and I also have some great leads, it’s just I don’t know how to follow up without feeling like I am bugging them about Oils to “finish the deal” and actually sign them up to purchase their own oils. I love my oils I have had some amazing success with oils and have shared them with many people who have not “purchased” yet or who had another friend who they bought theirs from. Slinging drinks seems much easier than the work I need to put into this type of business. I am not a sales person. I am a sharer. I know there is a way to make this business work this way. Just need to follow through. If I do it right it will be a few years of work that will work for me for years to come…OMG I sound like an Amway person! Again Slinging drinks sounds easier!

So many irons in the fire gotta watch that but also everyone has to sacrifice for something. No one can have it all. If we want the fancy car, nice stuff at the house and designer clothes (that we buy at TJ Maxx) and to go on vacations that double as Dance Competititions and some that aren’t dance competitons and if we want to go to the Superbowl next time the Seahawks are there, we need to make some sacrifices. I would rather not make the Hubs take night calls he already works enough and no one wants to give up there activities and the kids are just getting more expensive as they get older! Boy was I wrong thinking that after the baby stage it would get cheaper. “Older kids won’t need carseats and strollers and stuff so it will be less expensive when the get older” …boy was that a myth I told myself!

So what your saying is I can’t have my cake and eat it too? Big major bummer! I will find a way! I will! I will! I will! We, the Hubs and I, are determined, we know what we want and we will get it. One way or another! We will do it together and we will make these decisions together, at least that is what I want to do! Make plans and make it work for both of us and the kids and enjoy this life right now! We don’t have to wait for retirement to have what we want, we just have to be creative! We can do it, together! I am looking forward to some fun times with the Hubs and I want to enjoy this life with our kids before they have their own and we go, wait what happened?! Planning we just need some planning.

little things in lifeTo the Hubs: First of all, baby, don’t get all crazy. I am not making plans here I am just venting out what is in my head! We will make these decisions together and we will enjoy this life now! I love you!

We only have one lifetime let’s enjoy every minute of it, and in the not so enjoyable minutes let’s focus on the big picture and focus on the goal of why we are putting up with the annoying life altering for the moment tasks. Stay focused on the prize! Don’t forget to watch the dance and enjoy each moment for whatever it is!